YC’s 2018 Summer Reading List

Our 2018 summer reading list. Featuring: Shoe Dog, How to Change Your Mind, Man’s Search for Meaning, Mind of Napoleon, The Undoing Project, Powerhouse, Radiolab: Border Trilogy, Parable of the Sower, The Lathe of Heaven, H is for Hawk, and others.

New Year’s Buying Guide

Check out our New Year’s Buying Guide, which features must-have B2B products and services from YC companies. We feature top tools for your engineers, sales team, recruiters and everyone in between. There are also some great benefits/perks for your employees and partners, and even ideas for stocking your breakroom.

YC’s 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Check out the Y Combinator 2017 Holiday Gift Guide, which features products and services from a wide range of YC companies. We’ve got home goods, gadgets, toys, subscriptions, donations and everything in between. Also, after getting requests for a list of products & services from female-founded companies, we pulled together a Female Founders’ Holiday Gift Guide so you can easily shop for these gifts.

YC’s 2017 Summer Reading List

Our 2017 summer reading list. Featuring: The Man Who Knew, Before the Trumpet, The Nix, Casey Accidental, The Nexus Series, Mastermind, Behave, Homo Deus, Warnings, I Am Not I, Man’s Search for Meaning, Caverns Measureless to Man, Sapiens, The Righteous Mind, Technological Revolutions and Financial Capital, Einstein’s Dreams, Healing Back Pain, and Six Not-So-Easy Pieces.

YC’s Winter Reading List

Our 2016 winter reading list. Featuring: The Idea Factory: Bell Labs and the Great Age of American Innovation, Strangers in Their Own Land, The Rent Is Too Damn High, City of Gold, Don Quixote, Titan, Grit, Pandaemonium and others.

YC’s 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

We’re excited to share the Y Combinator 2016 Holiday Gift Guide.

YC’s Summer Reading

Ready Player One: A Novel “Beautiful and terrifying visions of our possible futures. Think Pokémon Go on steroids, for better and worse :)” –Luke Iseman How Buildings Learn:…

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