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The CEO Who Pays Employees to De-Locate From the Bay

Wade Foster is the CEO of Zapier (YC S12). This year Zapier announced their De-Location Package, which is a $10,000 offer for new Bay Area employees and their families to relocate to a home outside the Bay Area. Also discussed: Lessons learned while building a remote team and Wade’s racquetball tips.

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Emily Weiss on the Insights That Grew Glossier – With Amy Buechler at the Female Founders Conference

Emily Weiss is the founder and CEO of Glossier. Amy Buechler is Batch Director at YC. Amy interviewed Emily on stage at the 2017 Female Founders Conference about how Glossier got started and the insights that led to its success.

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IPFS, CoinList, and the Filecoin ICO with Juan Benet and Dalton Caldwell

Juan Benet is the founder of Protocol Labs (YC S14). Dalton Caldwell is a Partner at YC. In this episode of the podcast we discuss IPFS, CoinList, and the Filecoin ICO.

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Ex Machina’s Scientific Advisor – Murray Shanahan

Murray Shanahan was one of the scientific advisors on Ex Machina. He’s also a Research Scientist at DeepMind and professor of Cognitive Robotics at Imperial College London. His book Embodiment and the Inner Life served as inspiration for Alex Garland while he was writing the screenplay for Ex Machina.

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At the Intersection of AI, Governments, and Google – Tim Hwang

Tim Hwang is the Global Public Policy Lead on AI and Machine Learning for Google. What that means is Tim interacts with governments to inform Google’s opinions on policy. He also helps educate governments on what things like machine learning actually mean and what the implications might be. In this episode Tim walks us through how governments are thinking about AI and he shares some thoughts on what the future might look like.

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Rick and Morty Writer: Ryan Ridley

Ryan Ridley is a writer on Rick and Morty. Before that he was a writer on Community. We talk about the sci-fi elements of the show, their new VR game Virtual Rick-ality, and Ryan’s advice for creators.

Paul Buchheit on Lessons Learned from Investing in 200+ Startups

Jasper Kuria interviewed YC Partner Paul Buchheit about his experience as employee #23 at Google, his key investing insights, and his advice for entrepreneurs.

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