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Ryan Petersen on Building Flexport, a Modern Freight Forwarder

Ryan Petersen is the founder and CEO of Flexport. Flexport is a global freight forwarder powered by software and analytics. They are making international trade easier for over 10,000 companies in 70 countries. They were part of the YC Winter 2014 batch.

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David Zeevi on Personalized Nutrition Based on Your Gut Microbiome

David Zeevi is a James S. McDonnell independent fellow at the Rockefeller University Center for Studies in Physics and Biology. He focuses on developing computational methods for studying microbial ecology in the human gut and in the marine environment, and its contribution to human and environmental health. He was one of the authors on the paper Personalized Nutrition by Prediction of Glycemic Responses.

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Jessica Brillhart, Immersive Director, on VR and AR

Jessica Brillhart is the founder of Vrai Pictures. They’re an independent immersive content studio. Before founding Vrai, Jessica was the Principal Filmmaker for VR at Google.

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Office Hours with Michael Seibel

Michael Seibel is a Partner and the CEO of YC. He cofounded, which was in the Winter 2007 batch and Socialcam, which was in the Winter 2012 batch. For this episode we took questions from the internet.

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Elad Gil Shares Advice from the High Growth Handbook, a Guide to Scaling Startups

Elad Gil is an entrepreneur, operator, and investor. He just released the High Growth Handbook, a guide to scaling startups published by Stripe Press. It contains tactical advice on key issues for post product-market fit companies such as the role of the CEO, hiring executives, late stage fundraising, M&A, and other topics.

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Helping Veterans Transition into the Private Sector – Jocko Willink and Mike Sarraille

Jocko Willink and Mike Sarraille served together as Navy SEALs and now work together at Echelon Front. They’ve just launched an initiative called Overwatch. Overwatch is a talent acquisition firm that matches employers with veterans from special operations forces and combat aviation.

Interview with Sam Altman from The High Growth Handbook

In an excerpt from the High Growth Handbook, Sam Altman, President of Y Combinator, discusses common mistakes the CEO may make as a company grows.

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