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Hacker News Highlights: February & March 2018

Here are some of our favorite Hacker News comments from February and March: Drew Houston personally thanks HN just hours after the Dropbox IPO, a physicist comments on the The “Oh-My-God Particle”, and electric ferries are essentially killing “Norwegian ferry food culture”.

Hacker News Highlights: June & July 2017

Our favorite Hacker News comments from June and July: HN submission overlaps with commenter’s PhD thesis on sketching sound and music, an article about the history of UUIDs gets details filled in by commenters, and reminiscences of Pascal at Apple in the 80s and its influence on the designer of the D language.

Hacker News Highlights: April & May 2017

Our favorite Hacker News comments from April and May: The author of Sorting Two Metric Tons of Lego discusses his project; Larry McVoy reflects on Bitkeeper, Git, and not taking investment; Alan Kay joins in on the HN discussion of his startup school lecture.

Hacker News Highlights: March 2017

Our favorite Hacker News comments from March: One of the authors of The Unix-Haters Handbook joins a thread on the book; HN users reminisce about their ZX81s; Pink Floyd’s recording console is for sale and a HN user’s father is the person who installed it.

Hacker News Highlights: February 2017

Some of our favorite recent posts on Hacker News: Split across two HN comments, an essay about an unusual approach to programming. A user’s story about meeting Raymond Smullyan. A HN user goes on tangent about playing D&D with Gary Gygax’s family and how it cured him of social anxiety. Ask HN: What’re the best-designed things you’ve ever used?

Hacker News Highlights: January 2017

Some of our favorite recent posts on Hacker News: A handful of quantum computing researchers bump into each other. An Antarctic researcher chimes in about their ice shelf discovery. Chrome team co-founder responds to codebase comment. A former Pixar engineer talks about their animation system.

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