Founder Stories

Female Founder Stories: Claire McDonnell, Founder of True Link Financial (YC S13)

True Link offers a financial protection service that helps senior citizens live happily and independently longer. In a typical year, 11 million seniors lose a total of about $52 billion to fraud and financial entrapment. For these people, the problem is devastating. Half of our customers describe financial victimization as one of the five worst problems in their lives.

As a financial services company, we’re producing a tangible product. We replace seniors’ existing checkbook and credit card with a new Visa card we issue, which has extra safety features that protect them from fraud. When there is a charge on the card, we see it in real time, evaluate whether it is fraudulent, and decline payment for fraudulent charges.

Female Founder Stories: Edith Elliott and Katy Ashe, Founders of Noora Health (YC W14)

Noora Health is a non-profit that trains patient families with the medical skills they need to improve health outcomes and save lives.

Female Founder Stories: Louise Broni-Mensah, Founder of Shoobs (YC W14)

Shoobs is an event discovery and booking marketplace for nightlife events. They help event goers find a great night out. For nightlife organizers, Shoobs provides a self-service platform to promote, sell tickets and connect with event goers.

Female Founder Stories: Gillian Tee, Founder of Rocketrip (YC W14)

Rocketrip saves companies money by paying employees to find less expensive ways to travel. Rocketrip’s founders Gillian Tee and Daniel Ruch were inspired by the way Googlers get rewarded to save when they travel for work. They decided to build a more robust version for every other company to use. By allowing employees to earn half of the savings below a real-time budget, they’ve seen many innovative ways folks have reduced spend, including using Airbnb, booking a bundled travel deal and staying with friends.

Female Founder Stories: Olga Vidisheva, Founder of Shoptiques (YC W12) is an online marketplace for the best local boutiques from Paris to New York. Shoptiques is a network-effect double-sided marketplace. Currently, there are over 1,000 stores using the platform to reach worldwide consumers.

Female Founder Stories: Michelle You, Founder of Songkick (YC S07)

Songkick makes it easy to go to concerts. We have a website and apps that track your music taste (from the music on your device, Spotify playlists, Facebook listening history, etc.) and notify you when your favorite artists announce tour dates in your city. Every month, we help over 10 million fans discover concerts and go to more shows. After signing up to Songkick, fans go to twice as many concerts as they did the year before.

Female Founder Stories: Cindy Wu, Founder of Experiment (YC W13)

Experiment is a crowdfunding platform for scientific research.

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