Founder Stories

Female Founder Stories: Elise Polezel, Founder of LivBlends (YC S14)

LivBlends delivers healthy freshly-blended smoothies directly to customers in the Bay Area and makes a “Keurig machine for smoothies”.

Female Founder Stories: Ambika Bumb, Founder of Bikanta (YC S14)

Bikanta has developed revolutionary nanodiamond-based technologies that push the boundaries of what can be done with medical imaging for applications like the early detection of cancer.

Female Founder Stories: Lauren Kay, Founder of Dating Ring (YC W14)

Dating Ring is an online dating service that combines matchmaking and technology. When members sign up, they are assigned a personal matchmaker. Each week, matchmakers send their members a curated match. To help their matchmakers improve future matches, members give feedback after each match and again if they meet the match in person.

Female Founder Stories: Michelle Crosby, Founder of Wevorce (YC W13)

Wevorce is a high-tech and high-touch approach to divorce that keeps families out of court. We’ve built a national divorce company that uses online and offline services to streamline the divorce process so it is more affordable, faster and more amicable for families.

Female Founder Stories: Claire McDonnell, Founder of True Link Financial (YC S13)

True Link offers a financial protection service that helps senior citizens live happily and independently longer. In a typical year, 11 million seniors lose a total of about $52 billion to fraud and financial entrapment. For these people, the problem is devastating. Half of our customers describe financial victimization as one of the five worst problems in their lives.

As a financial services company, we’re producing a tangible product. We replace seniors’ existing checkbook and credit card with a new Visa card we issue, which has extra safety features that protect them from fraud. When there is a charge on the card, we see it in real time, evaluate whether it is fraudulent, and decline payment for fraudulent charges.

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