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Female Founder Stories: Susan Johnson, Founder of (YC S14) is a women-only sharing platform. Our members share experiences, milestones, questions, advice, pictures, articles, videos, books, products, stories, interests, habits, confessions, rants, high moments, low moments, and everything in between. We are a safe place for women-only.

Female Founder Stories: Somaira Punjwani, Founder of Medmonk (YC W12)

Medmonk lets pharmacists provide co-pay assistance to patients who cannot afford their out-of-pocket medication costs.

Female Founder Stories: Jessica Richman, Founder of uBiome (YC S14)

uBiome sequences the microbiome (the trillions of microorganisms on our bodies) for consumers and researchers.

Female Founder Stories: Urska Srsen, Founder of Bellabeat (YC W14)

Bellabeat is a company bringing quantified self to prenatal and neonatal care. Our aim is to bring nature and technology together and enable women to have a healthier and more engaging pregnancy.

Female Founder Stories: Aarthi Ramamurthy, Founder of Lumoid (YC S13)

Lumoid is a try before you buy service for gadgets and consumer electronics. Instead of going to a physical retailer or paying the full price for a gadget online and then dealing with the hassle of returns and restocking, we make it possible to test drive gear and buy them if you like them. We help people choose access to gadgets over ownership.

Female Founder Stories: Vanessa Torrivilla, Founder of Goldbely (YC W13)

Goldbely discovers the best foods in every city around the country and makes it available to people nationwide. It’s like an Etsy for food, but highly curated.

Female Founder Stories: Mathilde Collin, Founder of Front (YC S14)

Front is a desktop application that empowers shared inboxes (e.g.,, by introducing collaboration features. Front also works with Twitter accounts and shared SMS numbers. Front is the front desk of your company, helping your team interact with the outside world in the easiest way.

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