Why the Best Companies and Developers Give Away Almost Everything They Do

In this blog post, I’ll dive into the other key reasons why the best companies and developers share almost everything they do, discuss some of the common objections to sharing, and by the end, I hope to convince you and your company to start sharing too.

Enterprise Sales for Hackers

Many hackers-turned-founders understand that sales is an important and valuable skill, but shy away from doing it out of fear and uncertainty.

The Startup Zeitgeist

Reading applications to Y Combinator is like having access to a crystal ball.

Agility Requires Safety

Imagine it’s your job to get all the cars on a highway to drive faster. What would happen if you just told all the drivers to wildly jam down on their gas pedals?

The Art of Shipping Early and Often

When you’re going through Y Combinator, one piece of advice you receive is to “ship early” — to launch well before you think you’re ready.

A Letter to College Students

I often talk to people who want to start startups in their late 20s and 30s, but can’t.

Ignoring the Wiggles

With all the recent gyrations in the stock market, I started thinking about one of my favorite phrases in investing: “Don’t stare at the wiggles.”

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