Smartphone Messaging Outside the US: Who’s Winning?

While Western Hemisphere companies like Facebook and Google are utilizing accelerated growth strategies, Asian competitors seem to have figured out how to monetize and yet still grow fast. Here is a breakdown how these two strategies actually play out in the messaging world.

What’s the Second Job of a Startup CEO?

When startup CEOs start to scale their companies, they need to redefine themselves and their roles or risk stunting the potential of their startups.

Why VCs sometimes push companies to burn too fast

Despite praising frugality, VCs sometimes push companies to spend more money, faster. Sometimes this leads to faster growth. More often it leads to empty bank accounts.

The YC Effect: Charting How YC Makes Your Company Better

Y Combinator is about understanding the metrics you need to hit to grow and thrive, how to be laser-focused on your company’s goals and lots and lots of hard work.

Why Many On-Demand Platforms Fail

Due to the extraordinary success of Uber there is a school of thought among the tech community that every service can be Uberized. However, when it comes to home and local services, the Uber model tends to break down.

The Software Behind YC’s Investor Day

In the past after YC Demo Day, startups would scramble to arrange as many meetings with investors as possible. This typically involved sending hundreds of emails back and…

YC Tech Stacks

We thought it would be interesting to look under the hood of 638 YC companies to see which technologies are most prevalent.

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