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Muzmatch Is the Place Where 400 Million Single Muslims Can Meet (YC S17)

Marriage is central to many Muslims’ upbringings yet ethnic, family, and religious pressures make this a difficult search. Muzmatch offers: chaperones in keeping with Islamic tradition, full privacy, fully verification and relevant search filters. Learn more on Product Hunt and Hacker News.

Dropleaf Is a Subscription Service for All-You-Can-Play Indie PC Games (YC S17)

Dropleaf helps players discover games that they can connect with and help developers grow their audience, and business. They’re launching with 41 games (adding 10-20 per month) and an initial price point of 4.99/month. You can sign up, download the client, install some games and get playing!

70MillionJobs Is the Internet’s First Job Board for 70 Million Americans With Criminal Records (YC S17)

There are 70 million Americans with criminal records – 1 in 3 adults – and they pretty much all experience pain in finding a job. 70MillionJobs has built the first job board for the formerly incarcerated. You can learn more on: Fast Company, Product Hunt, and Hacker News.

UpCodes Helps the Construction Industry Deliver Code Compliant Buildings (YC S17)

UpCodes consolidates regulations, inserts government commentary, provides a custom search engine, and offers team collaboration tools. According to McKinsey, construction is the second least productive industry in the US. But with access to UpCodes, construction companies will save time, prevent errors and reduce the overall cost of building.

Meetingbird Is the Calendar Reinvented for Teams (YC S17)

Today Meetingbird is available as a full web app calendar and as a Chrome extension. Meetingbird analyzes participant’s availability, meeting rooms, and other constraints to instantly find the perfect meeting time and location. When team members’ calendars are completely booked, Meetingbird understands which meetings can more easily be rescheduled than others, and presents those insights to the participants. You can learn more on Product Hunt and Hacker News.

Piggy Is an Investment App for India (YC S17)

With Piggy you can invest in mutual funds, track your investment portfolio and save for retirement. They’re building a mobile first Vanguard for India. Historically in India, public sector employees vastly outnumbered private sector employees. Those public sector jobs came with pensions, so no one had to think about investing their own money. In 2016, for the first time, private sector jobs overtook public. People have to invest their own money now. That’s complicated, expensive, and hard to do. Piggy helps people solve those problems.

Guggy Turns Your Text Messages Into Engaging Content, Such as Personalized GIFs (YC S17)

Guggy turns your text messages into engaging content by by using a highly optimized, messaging-oriented, contextual NLP engine. Today, they transform text messages into animated images, but soon will add richer media transformations. You can read more about Guggy on Hacker News and Product Hunt.

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