Company Launch

Guggy Turns Your Text Messages Into Engaging Content, Such as Personalized GIFs (YC S17)

Guggy turns your text messages into engaging content by by using a highly optimized, messaging-oriented, contextual NLP engine. Today, they transform text messages into animated images, but soon will add richer media transformations. You can read more about Guggy on Hacker News and Product Hunt.

Net30 Is Building an Invoicing Platform to Accelerate Payments Between Construction Contractors (YC S17)

The construction industry has the longest payment times of any industry, tying up over one trillion dollars every year. Net30 is solving this problem by automating the existing paper-based processes and providing instant access to liquidity through early payment discounts. Learn more here and on TechCrunch.

Templarbit Protects Web Applications from XSS Attacks and Other Malicious Activity (YC S17)

Since 2012, around 50% of all website vulnerabilities have been XSS. Ebay, for example, has been struggling with XSS attacks since 2014. Templarbit is the only solution that makes it easy for websites to adopt a Content Security Policy that monitors and protects against them. Learn more here and on Product Hunt.

Sixty is a Freelancer Marketplace for SaaS Companies (YC S17)

Sixty lets you summon an expert to solve your web app problem in minutes. Say you get stuck creating a data tracking plan with Segment, can’t figure out how to work Zapier, or you have trouble implementing Stripe Connect. You can use Sixty to summon a best in class expert to a screenshare, and they’ll solve your problem in minutes.

Get Automated Leads from a Database of 70 Million People with Slik (YC S17)

Slik is a better, cheaper, sales prospecting engine. They’ve built up a database of over 70 million people and created a simple way to filter through that database so that salespeople can save time and automate their process of gathering leads and figuring out who to reach out to.

Feather Rents Furniture to People and Businesses on the Move (YC S17)

Feather is a furniture rental company, setting out to provide stylish, affordable furniture to people and startups that move frequently. You can learn more on: Hacker News, Product Hunt, TechCrunch, and The Verge.

Learn In-Demand Skills with Py (YC S17)

Py is an education app for iOS and Android that teaches topics like app development, building websites and data science. They launched their Android app this week. You can download the app and learn more on: Hacker News, Product Hunt, and TechCrunch.

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