Company Launch

Polly Is a Fun Social Polling App for Teens (YC S17)

Polly (YC S17) is a fun social polling app for teens. The app allows users to create multiple-choice polls for sharing on Snapchat and other platforms. Polly was created by the team from Whale (video Q&A) which pivoted into Polly during the summer program.

Roofr is a Roofing Marketplace with Instant Satellite Roofing Estimates (YC S17)

Roofr uses satellite imagery to give home owners free estimates for roof replacements. They let property owners accurately estimate the cost of their own roofs in seconds simply by entering the property address. After that, Roofr connects the property owner to a roofing contractor within 24 hours. The Roofr solution saves homeowners on average, 20%.

bxblue Is the Only Marketplace for Payroll-Secured Loans in Brazil

Before bxblue, Brazilians who wanted a payroll-secured loan had to talk to bank agencies or count on freelance street brokers who often directed them to loans that paid the agent the highest commission. bxblue is taking a shady offline practice and replacing it with a transparent online marketplace.

CocuSocial Is a Marketplace for Cooking Classes That Are Hosted at Restaurants and Hotels (YC S17)

Traditional cooking classes are expensive and intensive, but CocuSocial wants to make them affordable, easy to access and fun. In one year, CocuSocial has become the largest cooking class provider in New York City. You can learn more on TechCrunch, Product Hunt, and Hacker News.

Audm Brings You Longform Magazine Articles in Audio Form, Read Aloud by the World’s Top Narrators (YC S17)

As more of the world falls in love with digital audio, listeners will gravitate toward the best storytelling. But many of the best storytellers aren’t all making podcasts — they’re writing for The Atlantic, WIRED, Esquire, BuzzFeed News, The Daily Beast, Foreign Policy, and Audm’s two dozen other partners. Audm is eliminating the gap between writing for the printed page and reaching the exploding digital audio market.

HealthWiz Lowers Employers’ Healthcare Costs by Guiding Employees Through Their Healthcare Decisions (YC S17)

Health Wiz brings transparency and information to a messy healthcare system that allows employees to better navigate their benefits, resulting in less wasted spend and a faster return to health. They are rolling out three paying customers in August have a waitlist of additional customers that will launch in the fall.

PAYFAZZ Is Building Mobile Banking and Payment for Indonesia’s Unbanked (YC S17)

64% of Indonesia’s population is unbanked — that represents 120 million adults and 80 million children. Yet, half of the adult unbanked population in Indonesia currently have a smartphone. With PAYFAZZ any Indonesian with a smartphone can get access to mobile banking.

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