Inside YC: The Admissions Team

Twice a year, YC accepts applications from startups around the world. The Admissions Team is responsible for designing that process and reviewing the tens of thousands of applications we receive each year.

How do we review that many applications? Mostly, it’s lots of people reading lots of applications! There’s no secret machine learning model that can find companies with great potential. Instead, we build lots of custom software to help our team work efficiently. Our app reading software allows us to quickly read applications, send messages to founders if we have any questions, and decide which teams we want to interview.

Early Deadline for YC Winter 2022

The early deadline to apply for the YC Winter 2022 batch is July 19 at 8pm PT. As we wrote last batch, we created an early deadline to…

Apply to YC Summer 2021

The deadline to apply to the Y Combinator Summer 2021 batch is Friday, March 19 at 8pm PT. Due to COVID-19, Summer 2021 will be the third batch…

Apply to YC on Your Schedule

We want to better support founders by giving them access to YC whenever it’s best for them, regardless of our batch timeline. While it has always been an…

YC W21 Remote Batch

YC W21 batch will be remote. Amid the global pandemic, the safety of our founders and staff is our top priority.

Apply Early for YC W21

The deadline to apply for YC Winter 2021 is Wednesday, September 23 at 8pm PT. But if you’re interested in the possibility of interviewing early, you can apply early.

An Update on YC S20 International Interviews

The Summer 2020 batch is still on, however due to safety concerns relating to COVID-19, YC staff will no longer be traveling to do interviews. We will still be interviewing startups from all over the world (with safety modifications), but local interviews in Bangalore, Paris and São Paulo are canceled.

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