In the United States, the e-commerce market is
largely dominated by a few key players. But in Asia, there are multiple online marketplaces and no clear dominant leader. Merchants looking to optimize their sales in Asia need to list their products across multiple sites, which is a lot of work and maintenance.

Branch8 is a company that takes care of all that work. Launching this week out of our Summer 2015 class, Branch8 has built a platform that helps sellers easily list and manage products on the wide variety of e-commerce marketplaces in Asia.

TechCrunch’s Jon Russell wrote about Branch8 in an article published this week:

“Branch8, which is based in Hong Kong, is part of Y Combinator’s current Summer 2015 class. It opened the doors to its service on an
invite-only basis back in May, but today it is now publicly available to
all merchants. Chan told TechCrunch that, right now, Branch8 has nearly
1,000 sellers (and over 600,000 products) who are processing over $1
million in sales per month on its platform.

Beyond consolidating the basic processes beyond selling via multiple
services — Amazon, Lazada, Rakuten, eBay and Jumia are among the initial
platforms supported — Branch8 also provides analytics to track traffic,
it automates price checking and product migration, and connects to
third-party logistics services. Those value-adds, [Branch8 CEO Elton] Chan said, are where
it believes it can really stand out for merchants.

‘Our differentiator is analytics,’ he told TechCrunch in an interview. ‘Few tools track traffic via SKU. While our price tracking tool and the
convenience of migrating to new platforms, this process is very manual,
are specifically designed to meet merchants’ pain-points.'”

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