Y Combinator

Y Combinator created a new model for funding early stage startups. Twice a year we invest a small amount of money ($120k) in a large number of startups (recently 105). The startups move to Silicon Valley for 3 months, during which we work intensively with them to get the company into the best possible shape and refine their pitch to investors. Each cycle culminates in Demo Day, when the startups present their companies to a carefully selected, invite-only audience. But YC doesn’t end on Demo Day. We and the YC alumni network continue to help founders for the life of their company, and beyond.

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Mr. Robot’s Co-Producer and Writer – Kor Adana

Kor Adana is a writer and co-producer on Mr. Robot. He started hacking in his teens and later went to school for CS. All the while he was hoping to become a writer for TV. Eventually he left a career in engineering, worked on a few projects, and then met Sam Esmail, the creator of Mr. Robot. He’s been working on the show ever since. Mr. Robot season three premieres tonight on USA.

YC Application Advice from African Startups

Over 250 people attended the YC Lagos Meetup at Paystack HQ. Guests stayed for over five hours to hear eight Nigerian and Ghanaian alum share their stories. Here’s their advice for companies interested in applying to YC.

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The More You Communicate with Users, the Higher Chance You’ll Build Something They Want – Ryan Hoover of Product Hunt

Ryan Hoover is the founder of Product Hunt. You can get a 10% discount on Ship pro plans by using the link in this post. Ryan also just announced the Weekend Fund, a “$3M venture fund to invest in your next favorite thing.”

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Don’t Start a Blog, Start a Cult – Mr. Money Mustache

Pete Adeney, more commonly known as Mr. Money Mustache, retired at 30 after working as a software engineer for about ten years. He blogs at MrMoneyMustache.com about how he saved money, where he invested it, and how he achieved “financial freedom through badassity”.

Polly Is a Fun Social Polling App for Teens (YC S17)

Polly (YC S17) is a fun social polling app for teens. The app allows users to create multiple-choice polls for sharing on Snapchat and other platforms. Polly was created by the team from Whale (video Q&A) which pivoted into Polly during the summer program.

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Your Whole Goal Is to Not Quit – Courtland Allen of Indie Hackers

Courtland Allen is the founder of Indie Hackers, a place where the founders of profitable businesses and side projects can share their stories transparently, and where entrepreneurs can come to read and learn from those examples.

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Building a Startup Is Not About Building a Product, It’s About Solving a Problem – Avni Patel Thompson of Poppy

Avni Patel Thompson is the CEO and Founder of Poppy (YC W16). At the 2017 Female Founders Conference she shared how she struggled with her first startup but eventually discovered a problem many people had that was unsolved. If you’re curious about applying to YC, Avni recently wrote a great post called “Is Y Combinator for me?”.

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