Jessica Livingston

Jessica is a cofounder of YC. She was previously VP of marketing at investment bank Adams Harkness, where she managed an award-winning rebranding of the company. She is the author of Founders at Work (2007), a book of interviews with startup founders. She has a BA in English from Bucknell.

Congrats Dropbox!

I wrote Dropbox their first investment check, on June 26, 2007. Little did I know back then what a momentous check this one would be: that 11 years later, Dropbox would be the first Y Combinator company to go public.

Y Combinator’s Female Founders Conference

Y Combinator is delighted to announce the third annual Female Founders Conference, on Monday, April 4 in San Francisco. One of the best parts of the FFC is…

Holiday Gift Ideas from Y Combinator

We’ve just launched— a collection of clever and unique gift ideas from 60 Y Combinator startups. Yesterday I was doing some last-minute online Christmas shopping for my dad…

Tips for YC Interviews

We are in the midst of YC interviews right now and I had a few bits of advice for interviewees that I thought I’d publish while they are…

What We Learned From 40 Female YC Founders

We’re excited to launch Female Founder Stories, a collection of interviews with 40 of Y Combinator’s female alumnae.  We asked them about things like how they got started,…

A Reminder to Investors

Sam wrote about this in his recent blog post, but I’ve found that important and seemingly obvious things often bear repeating. So with Demo Day approaching, I’d like to…

Happy 5th Birthday Listia (YC S09)!

See the fill infographic here.

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