Janelle Tam

Janelle is the program manager for YC’s Series A program. Prior to YC, she was an associate consultant at Bain & Company where she worked on projects in consumer products and venture philanthropy. She graduated from Princeton with a BA in Molecular Biology and spent 5 years in basic scientific research focused on nanotechnology and chemical engineering.

The Cost of Preemptive Deals

We looked at 120 US Series A rounds from our portfolio over the past 18 months to see whether or not preemptive offers were generally more or less dilutive than process driven rounds. On average, founders taking preemptive offers are taking ~1.4% more dilution for less money.

Investor Funnels for Series As

Our third batch of the YC Series A Program is wrapping up and the companies are kicking off fundraising. As we gear up for those raises, we wanted to share some things we’ve learned.

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