Eli Schwartz

Eli is the Director of Marketing at SurveyMonkey.

How to Get Started with App Store Optimization

The key challenge for organic strategies for mobile is app store optimization, commonly known as ASO. ASO is the process of optimizing elements which allow an app to have the maximum visibility for specific search terms in Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store. This post covers how to get started.

How to Choose Domain Extensions for an International Audience

Many ecommerce or content websites with mass appeal have a global audience, even if they are intending to focus on just one country. However, depending on your product or content you might want to go the extra step and intentionally target international users. The decision to focus your site on an international audience is a big leap forward and there are many logistic and technical complexities to work through.

Smartphone Messaging Outside the US: Who’s Winning?

While Western Hemisphere companies like Facebook and Google are utilizing accelerated growth strategies, Asian competitors seem to have figured out how to monetize and yet still grow fast. Here is a breakdown how these two strategies actually play out in the messaging world.

Strategies for Marketing in Asia

Eli Schwartz is the Director of Marketing, APAC, for SurveyMonkey. After a year and a half leading SurveyMonkey’s marketing efforts in Asia, I have gleaned insights about the…

The Basics of SEO

Eli Schwartz is the Director of Marketing, APAC, for SurveyMonkey. As the search engines of the world get closer to reading the minds of users, the ability to…

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