Craig Cannon

Craig Cannon is Director of Marketing at YC.

Founder Stories: Nicky Goulimis of Nova Credit

Nicky Goulimis is cofounder and COO of Nova Credit. Their API provides credit data from overseas to lenders, telcos, tenant screeners, etc. so they can acquire immigrants as customers. We talked with Nicky about what she did before Nova, her experience at YC, and her thoughts on being a female founder.

Tuesday Q&A with Rob Rhinehart of Soylent

During the batch we invite a speaker in for every Tuesday dinner. Rob Rhinehart of Soylent joined us during the W17 batch. Discussed: The most impactful thing Rob’s done in terms of selling Soylent, advice for founders, and his book recommendations.

Office Hours in London – 12/20 & 12/21

We’re hosting office hours in London on Tuesday, December 20 and Wednesday, December 21, 2016. If you’re selected, we’ll reach out with your time slot and the location by end of day on Friday, December 16.

Employee #1: Kickstarter

A conversation with Cassie Marketos, Kickstarter’s first employee. Discussed: Meeting Yancey, Setting Kickstarter’s Tone Through Community Management, Choosing Projects to Feature, Learning How To Manage Up, Moving On, Book Recommendations.

mara castro

Employee #1: Warby Parker

A conversation with Mara Castro, Warby Parker’s first employee. Discussed: Working at a Nonprofit, Finding the Job Posting, Interviewing with the Founders, Starting Part-Time, Figuring Out Operations, Moving to New York, Going into Retail, Building the Brand, and Learning to Manage People.

Employee #1: Coinbase

A conversation with Olaf Carlson-Wee, Coinbase’s first employee.

Common Misconceptions About Applying To YC

I hosted office hours in NYC last week and noticed several commonly held beliefs about applying to YC that aren’t backed up by the data. Here’s actual data…

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