YC NYC Meetup, September 26

Have you ever considered joining a startup? Or starting your own? Or both? If so we'd love to have you at Y Combinator's first NYC meetup, this September 26. We'll have both YC partners and founders of companies we've funded on hand to answer your questions and talk about your ideas.

The event will be a hybrid of reception and conference. There will be a Q & A session about startups with YC partners, and individual presentations about their own startup experiences by the founders of Airbnb, Greplin, Grubwithus, Inporia, Stripe, Tutorspree, Weebly, and Wepay. But the evening isn't going to be all talks. The reason we're calling this a meetup is that we all want to meet you, so 2/3 of the evening will be a reception at which you can talk to YC partners and founders in person.

Since more people may want to come than we have space for, we're asking anyone who wants an invitation to please fill out this form by September 5. We'll reply to everyone by September 10.

Please join us! ycnyc.com | ycombinator.com | renee@ycombinator.com