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Hello Prospectous Partner,

Re: Commercial Property Investments

I run Corporate errands strictly for Individuals, Companies and Governments
mostly from Africa and Europe. However, on my Internet search for partnership
interest from your location, i decided to write in other to get you acquainted

My Client is a politician and widely connected at the corridors of Power that
matters, and he has interest in commercial property constructions, and I will
need your consent and approval to recommend his Investment Intention to expand
and work closely with you or your Company for mutual benefits.

He has a budget of well over Two Hundred Million US Dollars for Investment in
your Company alone and is willing to come to your Country to discuss Investment
modalities as soon as you indicate your interest.

Contact me at the above number, or forward your cell phone to reach you for
more details.

Best Regards,

Sir,Afix cole
Manchester, England
phone: +44 7031906571, 7031857443
Fax: +44 7006091540
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