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Top Stories from the YC World - March 20-26, 2015
The deadline to apply to YC S15 is tonight at 8pm PT!

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How Platzi (YC W15) bootstrapped its way into Y Combinator to build the future of education - TNW

A Look Inside Transcriptic’s (YC W15) New Biotech Testing Facility - TechCrunch

YC S14: Nightingale Launches Its Support Platform For Autism Therapy

YC W15: Pigeon.ly, A Startup Focused On Serving The U.S. Prison Population, Joins Y Combinator

YC W15: SmartSpot’s Tale: From A Farm In Egypt To Building A YC Computer Vision Startup For Fitness

YC W15: Cribspot (YC W15) Helps University Students Find Rentals In Time For School To Start

YC W15: Razorpay Offers Stripe-Style Payments Focused Squarely On Indian E-Commerce Plays

YC W15: HigherMe Promises A Smarter Approach To Applying For Retail Jobs And Other Hourly Work

YC W15: Online Learning Service Platzi Wants To Give You Useful Tech Skills, Not Diplomas

YC W15: Instavest Wants To Help Investors Make Smarter Trades

YC W15: SmartHires Helps Startups Find Tech Talent Within The Same Investment Portfolio

YC W15: GiveMeTap Offers Free Water And Footfall Data For Stores, And It Helps Africa

YC W15: Introducing Priime - a new way to edit photos on your iPhone

YC W15: Kickpay Is A Marketplace For Invoices That Helps SMEs Get Paid Quickly

YC S14: uBiome Is Now Doing An Indiegogo Campaign To Check Out Dental Bacteria

YC W15: Taskpipes Is SaaS To Simplify Using Lots Of (Other) SaaS Platforms

YC W15: SlideMail Is An Intelligent Email App For The Rest Of Us 

Y Combinator
tag:blog.ycombinator.com,2013:Post/829628 2015-03-24T17:38:39Z 2015-03-26T00:12:49Z Pigeon.ly (YC W15), A Startup Focused On Serving The U.S. Prison Population, Joins Y Combinator

YC welcomes Pigeon.ly to the Winter 2015 batch. Pigeon.ly is building a profitable new category of services for the 20M ppl with family in prison. Read more about Pigeon.ly on TechCrunch:

"Hutson says that 1 percent of the U.S. population has a loved one who is in prison, given the scale of the U.S. mass incarceration system. He estimates it’s a $2 billion market. If you look at competitors, Securus sold to a private equity firm in 2013 for about a half-billion dollars while JPay told CNBC it had $50 million in revenues last year.

While Pigeon.ly is definitely farther along in terms of product and growth than some of its peers in the YC program, Hutson said it was valuable to join the program anyway. YC partner Michael Seibel, who co-founded SocialCam and Justin.tv, heavily recruited Hutson and has been a big advocate for diversifying each batch of companies.

'Being a minority founder building a company, Y Combinator can help. You need to have the right affiliations. You need to be in the right circles. We looked at this as an opportunity to get access to investors and talent.'"

Listen to Planet Money's episode on Pigeon.ly: Episode 610 The Prisoner's Solution
    Y Combinator
    tag:blog.ycombinator.com,2013:Post/828936 2015-03-23T17:44:04Z 2015-03-23T18:27:56Z SmartSpot's Tale (YC W15): From A Farm In Egypt To Building A YC Computer Vision Startup For Fitness

    SmartSpot is launching out of the Winter 2015 batch of YC. SmartSpot makes a smart mirror for gyms that tracks your form as you work out and provides live correction. They help people improve their exercise form and prevent injury.

    The vast majority of gym-goers don’t know how to exercise properly and safely. Many quit after only a month because they don’t see improvement. Although personal training is one solution, at $80 an hour or more, personal trainers are out of reach for most people. SmartSpot's founders believe that personal training should be something anyone can afford.

    They have launched in 3 gyms in San Francisco where they've worked closely with early users to make a product that can become part of a routine for people with a variety of fitness goals.

    SmartSpot is founded by Moawia Eldeeb and Josh Augustin. 

    Read more about SmartSpot's story on TechCrunch:

    "Moawia Eldeeb grew up with his family on a village farm bordering the Nile, growing rice in the summers and vegetables in the winters. It was the way things had been for years, decades even.

    But when Eldeeb’s brother was born with a rare genetic condition called ectodermal dysplasia, everything changed immediately. Because of the condition, Eldeeb’s infant brother couldn’t sweat. And given Egypt’s humid climate, this meant a certain and swift death.

    His father, who had been applying every year for a green card for the past 15 years, fortunately had won one in the lottery. Roughly two weeks after Eldeeb’s brother was born, they left everything they had ever known behind.

    Read the full story on TechCrunch
    Y Combinator
    tag:blog.ycombinator.com,2013:Post/828874 2015-03-23T15:44:02Z 2015-03-25T03:22:35Z Cribspot (YC W15) Helps University Students Find Rentals In Time For School To Start

    Cribspot launches out of the Winter 2015 batch of YC:  

    "Finding a decent apartment can be tough, which is why we’ve seen a recent increase in the number of startups that are aiming to serve a woefully underserved market. But finding an apartment when you’re a college student can be even tougher. Aimed squarely at the university market, a Y Combinator-backed startup called Cribspot hopes to alleviate at least some of the pain associated with finding rentals and sublets.

    Compared to the broader housing market, college rentals are unique in that many units are booked a semester or more in advance. Furthermore, even when listings are available, they can typically only be found on campus bulletin boards or by walking around a college town and looking for “for rent” signs. All of that can make it difficult for students to find housing, especially on short notice.

    Cribspot hopes to change that, by creating the most comprehensive search engine for apartments on or near university campuses. It’s doing that by collecting rental information from thousands of different sources and working directly with landlords who don’t have websites or other ways to find out about their apartments." 

    Read the full story on TechCrunch]]>
    Y Combinator
    tag:blog.ycombinator.com,2013:Post/828869 2015-03-23T15:37:18Z 2015-03-24T06:19:54Z Razorpay (YC W15) Offers Stripe-Style Payments Focused Squarely On Indian E-Commerce Plays

    Razorpay launches out of the Winter 2015 batch of YC:

    "The rise of companies like FlipkartSnapdeal and Ola have put a spotlight on the e-commerce opportunity in India, where the growth of catchy businesses is being fuelled by consumer demand, improving Internet connectivity and generous VC funding. Now, a new startup called Razorpay — part of the current Y Combinator class — is hoping to ride that trend, by giving more startups and larger tech companies in the country the ability to make it easier to integrate payments into their services.

    Razorpay is not unlike Stripe — a YC alum itself — in that it provides a very simple interface and gateway for businesses that want to take payments for goods or services online. Using Razorpay’s APIs, a company can add payments with a few lines of code, and consumers can then pay using a credit card, a debit card or net-banking (online bank transfers, one popular payment option in India). What makes Razorpay special, however, is that it’s made by an Indian team and specifically for businesses that operate in India."

    Read the full story on TechCrunch

    Y Combinator
    tag:blog.ycombinator.com,2013:Post/827836 2015-03-21T01:02:19Z 2015-03-21T01:02:20Z HigherMe (YC W15) Promises A Smarter Approach To Applying For Retail Jobs And Other Hourly Work

    HigherMe launches out of the YC Winter 2015 batch: 

    "When you’re trying to find the right person for a job, résumés don’t always cut it.

    I suspect that’s true for many jobs, but Rob Hunter, co-founder of HigherMe (part of the current batch of startups incubated at Y Combinator), told me that it’s particularly true in retail jobs and other hourly positions — location, availability, and personality can be more important than the jobs you have or haven’t held in the past.

    That’s something Hunter himself saw when he owned multiple Marble Slab Creamery stores. He recalled hiring an early employee, Kendra, who — like most high schoolers — had an unimpressive résumé. After all, her experience on the soccer team and as a babysitter didn’t say much about her ice cream serving skills, and the typos didn’t help, either."

    Read the full story on TechCrunch]]>
    Y Combinator
    tag:blog.ycombinator.com,2013:Post/827833 2015-03-21T00:58:01Z 2015-03-22T16:04:30Z Online Learning Service Platzi (YC W15) Wants To Give You Useful Tech Skills, Not Diplomas

    YC welcomes Platzi to the Winter 2015 batch: 

    "A couple of things about online learning service Platzi immediately set it apart from the other companies in Y Combinator’s latest batch. First, it is from Latin America — Colombia to be precise. Second, it is profitable. That’s right, it’s already making money.

    Online learning is hardly a new concept, but two-year-old Platzi is taking a different approach that’s interesting for a couple of reasons.

    Rather than broadening the availability of the traditional education experience using the Internet, like most MOOC (massive open online course) services, it’s focused on developing tangible skills."

    Read the full post on TechCrunch]]>
    Y Combinator
    tag:blog.ycombinator.com,2013:Post/827826 2015-03-21T00:09:43Z 2015-03-24T04:58:19Z Instavest (YC W15) Wants To Help Investors Make Smarter Trades

    Instavest launches out of the YC Winter 2015 batch: 

    "Instavest, a Y Combinator-backed startup, wants to help retail investors benefit from the smart trades of others. It also wants to help savvy speculators profit by sharing their trading data.

    Investors can list their trades on Instavest, including the company, share amount and rationale behind the investment. Other users can invest alongside the people willing to share their own purchases and sales. If you follow a trade, Instavest encourages you to block out a portion of your profits — in the neighborhood of 5 percent — that might arise from the transaction for the original listing entity.

    The idea arose when the company’s founders, Saleem Khatri and Zain Allarakhia, ran into a problem: Friends and family wanted to trade with them, but they lacked a tool to do so effectively."

    Read the full story on TechCrunch]]>
    Y Combinator
    tag:blog.ycombinator.com,2013:Post/827817 2015-03-20T23:47:19Z 2015-03-21T00:13:39Z SmartHires (YC W15) Helps Startups Find Tech Talent Within The Same Investment Portfolio

    SmartHires launches out of the W15 batch of YC: 

    "Finding good tech talent is a challenge right now. The Obama administration poured $100 million into the new TechHire initiative this last month to fill half a million open IT jobs in the U.S. for that reason. Y Combinator-backed SmartHires (not to be confused with the recruiting site SmartHire or job search site Smart Hires) tackles that challenge with the creation of a startup referral network for strong job candidates.

    The idea behind SmartHires is that it’s better to keep talent within investor portfolio networks. “Many startups end up rejecting great candidates but it’s better if they stay in the family,” SmartHires co-founder Stephan Kletzl told TechCrunch.

    Kletzl and his co-founder and identical twin brother Christian Kletzl started SmartHires, along with David Pichsenmeister, after seeing how difficult it was to find top talent. “Smart people are getting passed on and added to the rejection list when there might be someone within the hiring manager’s network that needs them,” Stephan said." 

    Read the full story at TechCrunch

    Y Combinator
    tag:blog.ycombinator.com,2013:Post/827813 2015-03-20T23:32:46Z 2015-03-21T01:19:41Z GiveMeTap (YC W15) Offers Free Water, Footfall Data For Stores, AND Helps Africa

    YC welcomes GiveMeTap to the Winter 2015 batch: 

    "Despite the growth in reusable water bottles, keeping them refilled is tough. Ironically, consumers either end up buying a plastic bottle of water, are forced to use a toilet to refill, or feel obliged to buy something from a store before asking for a refill of water.

    GiveMeTap is a new graduate of the Y Combinator accelerator with a rather clever idea. It sells and produces stainless steel water bottles that you can use to get free water refills from participating local cafes and restaurants, which are located by using the GiveMeTap App (iOSAndroid). You just walk in, find the water station and fill up or ask someone at the counter. The mobile app will even track your water usage.

    The really clever part of its model is that business owners are incentivized to join the network because they get free publicity, increased footfall — and here’s the tech part — access to data about how many new customers they are gaining because of the app. Obviously, people with the bottles are more likely to choose a GiveMeTap venue and purchase other goods there."

    Read the full story on TechCrunch]]>
    Y Combinator
    tag:blog.ycombinator.com,2013:Post/827745 2015-03-20T20:05:17Z 2015-03-20T20:05:17Z Introducing Priime (YC W15) - a new way to edit photos on your iPhone

    We're excited to welcome Priime to the YC W15 batch of Y Combinator. Priime is a new photo editor for the iPhone that lets you use filters developed by some of the world's top photographers. 

    As Alex Fitzpatrick of TIME pointed out this morning:

    Photographer Thomas Hawk calls the app "The best iPhone photo editor I've ever used."   

    Read more about Priime's launch on their blog, or download it on the app store here

    Y Combinator
    tag:blog.ycombinator.com,2013:Post/827686 2015-03-20T18:22:39Z 2015-03-20T18:22:40Z Kickpay (YC W15) Is A Marketplace For Invoices That Helps SMEs Get Paid Quickly

    Kickpay joins the W15 batch of YC: 

    "Cash flow is all important for small businesses — it’s the difference between life or death — so it is frustrating when customers don’t pay invoices up front. Nothing puts a strain on finances quite like waiting 30, 60 or 90 days for your money, and that’s not even mentioning the resources spent following up and chasing down payment.

    Scenarios like this are where Kickpay, a startup that is graduating Y Combinator‘s latest batch, hopes to make a difference.

    Kickpay’s service is essentially a secondary market for invoices. Companies, and in particular more-financially conscious SMEs and startups, post details of confirmed invoices which are sold to investors who can get a quick return on their money. The arrangement gives the seller most of their capital upfront — avoiding the painful, often critical, wait for funds — while Kickpay claimed an investor can get a ‘double-digital’ return on an annual basis."

    Read the full story on TechCrunch
    Y Combinator
    tag:blog.ycombinator.com,2013:Post/827595 2015-03-20T16:30:06Z 2015-03-20T16:30:06Z Taskpipes (YC W15) Is SaaS To Simplify Using Lots Of (Other) SaaS Platforms

    Taskpipes launches out of the W15 batch of YC:

    "If there was a neat label for startups whose raison d’être is to take the strain out of dealing with other startup services then Taskpipes would be wearing that badge proudly on its lapel.

    The YC-backed, U.K. founded b2b startup is attacking what it says is a growing data-management problem for businesses — created by the proliferation and adoption of SaaS platforms. So, in other words, those shiny, cloud-based platforms which promise to streamline your business processes by taking various data-processing tasks off your hands are actually introducing a new headache by fragmenting your data across multiple silos.

    That means businesses using multiple SaaS platforms are having to engage in manual data-wrangling when they need to work across these different data buckets, or pull data-sets into other pieces of software for processing. It’s this SaaS-generated data-processing headache that Taskpipes has seized on as another business opportunity."

    Read the full story on TechCrunch]]>
    Y Combinator
    tag:blog.ycombinator.com,2013:Post/827588 2015-03-20T16:15:05Z 2015-03-20T16:15:05Z SlideMail (YC W15) Is An Intelligent Email App For The Rest Of Us

    SlideMail launches out of the W15 batch:

    "A new email application launching today called SlideMail is designed to help those of us with bad email habits sort through our inbox, while also intelligently organizing our messages and alerting us to important meetings and other events. While other email apps focus on presenting power users with a “priority inbox” containing their most important emails, SlideMail’s take is a little different. To figure out what matters to you, it watches your email activity, learning what you read, trash and archive, and then adapts to that behavior over time.

    SlideMail’s creator, Vu Tran, who previously founded the Y Combinator-backed company Framebase, has returned to the accelerator program for the second time to get this new email app off the ground." 

    Read the full story on TechCrunch]]>
    Y Combinator
    tag:blog.ycombinator.com,2013:Post/827578 2015-03-20T16:02:22Z 2015-03-20T16:02:23Z YC Digest - 3/12-3/19 Top Stories from the YC World - 3/12/15-3/19/15
    YC Stats - Winter 2015

    Metro Money: The Down and Dirty on the Laundry Biz - Cleanly (YC W15) in WSJ

    Product Hunt (YC S14) is teaching a class on building online communities today (3/20) at 1pm PT

    Shoptiques (YC W12)  launched their mobile app this week

    YC W15:  Akido Labs Provides A Standardized API Layer For Hospital App Developers

    YC W15: Moltin Wants To Simplify E-Commerce Development


    Y Combinator
    tag:blog.ycombinator.com,2013:Post/827248 2015-03-19T20:59:04Z 2015-03-19T20:59:04Z Akido Labs (YC W15) Provides A Standardized API Layer For Hospital App Developers

    YC welcomes Akido Labs to the W15 batch of Y Combinator:

    "Many hospitals in America have made the switch to Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems to manage patient medical information in the last couple of decades. This is supposed to make record-keeping easier and more efficient, but the systems are different for each hospital and often can’t communicate with each other. This makes it hard for health app developers to design apps that run on each unique system.

    Currently, if an app uses patient health information, the app developer has to not only spend months convincing the hospital bureaucracy to integrate its EHR system with the developer’s app, but the developer also has to design the app a specific way to work within that unique system in order to get it to send the needed data. This is obviously too expensive and time-intensive for most app developers.

    Y Combinator-backed Akido Labs is a third-party service that helps health IT app developers simplify the process within each hospital records system. Akido Labs co-founders Hugh Gordon, Jared Goodner and Prashant Samant previously started the University of Southern California’s D-Health Lab, USC Health System’s digital innovation arm. Gordon was in medical school at the time and noticed the inefficiencies in the current health system." 

    Read the full story on TechCrunch

    Y Combinator
    tag:blog.ycombinator.com,2013:Post/826540 2015-03-18T18:00:06Z 2015-03-18T18:00:07Z Moltin (YC W15) Wants To Simplify E-Commerce Development

    Moltin joins the W15 batch of Y Combinator: 

    The three founders of Moltin, a member of the 2015 Y Combinator winter class, like many fellow members birthed their company idea out of necessity, coming up with a way to solve an entrenched problem they were facing.

    In this case, they were working for a design agency in England, and they found adding e-commerce functionality like a shopping cart to a website was too hard and often expensive.

    They decided to simplify it by creating an API-based framework that would become Moltin. The idea behind the product is to make it easier for developers to add e-commerce functionality with a few lines of code, Adam Sturrock, CCO at Moltin explained.

    Read the full story on TechCrunch

    Y Combinator
    tag:blog.ycombinator.com,2013:Post/826505 2015-03-18T17:30:06Z 2015-03-18T17:30:06Z Dealyze (YC W15) Brings A Starbucks-Like Loyalty Program To Any Business

    Dealyze launches out of the Winter 2015 batch of YC:

    When it comes to encouraging consumer loyalty, Starbucks’ program involving its mobile app and accompanying rewards card set a high bar for the rest of the industry to follow. Today, a new company called Dealyze is launching a service that aims to offer a similar app experience to any business, but at a lower price point than its competitors in the mobile loyalty space.

    While there are today a number of startups running mobile loyalty programs for small businesses, including Belly and FiveStars, for example, what makes Dealyze different from others is that it allows a company to brand its consumer-facing app and tablet with their own logo and color scheme in order to really make it seem like their own. This is done by way of Dealyze’s own theming engine, which allows the company to make custom systems in minutes.

    Read the full story on TechCrunch
    Y Combinator
    tag:blog.ycombinator.com,2013:Post/826501 2015-03-18T16:48:48Z 2015-03-23T21:20:31Z The Detroit Water Project (YC W15) Connects Donors To Unpaid Water Bills

    YC welcomes the Detroit Water Project to the Winter 2015 batch: 

    Help can come from anywhere. And people in Detroit need help. In 2014 the City of Detroit was in the middle of the largest municipal bankruptcy in U.S. history and the city aggressively started turning off water to delinquent accounts in a desperate attempt to right the city’s finances. More than 33,000 consumers had their water shut off in 2014 alone. The city is still pursuing past due water bills although The Detroit News recently revealed the water department has shifted focus away from residents and will go after businesses first.

    The organization behind the Detroit Water Project attempts to throw a life-preserver to those drowning in unpaid water bills by connecting donors to those in need. This allows homeowners to, in a sense, crowdsource their water bill. Donors can either pay the entire unpaid balance, which can be several thousand dollars, or just part of a bill. Since its launch, the company has expanded to Baltimore with the Baltimore Water Project.

    Read the full story on TechCrunch
    Y Combinator
    tag:blog.ycombinator.com,2013:Post/825521 2015-03-17T16:00:07Z 2015-03-24T21:35:40Z YC Stats - Winter 2015

    Here is what YC looks like in Winter 2015
    Number of startups in the W15 batch: 114

    Number of companies funded by YC overall: 842

    Total market cap of all YC companies: Over $30B

    Total money raised by YC companies: Over $3B

    Number of YC companies worth more than $1B: 4

    Number of YC companies worth more than $100 million: 32 [1]

    Countries represented in the W15 batch
    Argentina, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, France, India, Israel, Netherlands, New Zealand, Peru, Russia, Singapore, Thailand , Turkey, UK, Ukraine, USA [2]

    W15 Demographics
    Companies with a female founder: 25 (21.93%)

    Companies with a Black founder: 9 (7.89%)

    Companies with a Hispanic founder: 6 (5.26%)

    Founder Age:
    > Average: 30.27
    > Median: 29
    > Oldest: 66
    > Youngest: 20

    W15 Company Categories
    B2B: 20 (17.54%)

    Consumer: 20 (17.54%)

    Biomedical: 18 (15.78%) 

    Marketplace: 14 (12.28%) 

    Enterprise: 13 (11.40%) 

    Developer Tools: 10 (8.77%) 

    Fintech: 9 (7.89%) 

    Hardware: 7 (6.14%)

    Non-profit: 3 (2.63%) 

    Aerospace: 1 (.88%)

    [1] Including companies that have been acquired 

    [2] This list is based on answers to the application question "Where do you live now?" and not on founder nationality.

    Thanks to Sketch Deck for help with the graphic. 

    Kat Manalac
    tag:blog.ycombinator.com,2013:Post/825534 2015-03-16T22:19:02Z 2015-03-16T22:21:23Z Shift Labs (YC W15) Launches Out Of Y Combinator To Make Medical Devices For Healthcare’s Future YC welcomes Shift Labs to the YC W15 batch: 

    "Shift Labs is a small startup launching this spring out of Y Combinator with a lofty tagline: to be “the Nest of medical devices.” But as ambitious as that goal may sound at first, when you take a closer look at Shift Labs, it doesn’t sound that crazy after all. In fact, it seems almost inevitable.

    If you’ve spent any time in a hospital, you’ve likely noticed that a lot of the equipment around looks pretty complicated, with an array of buttons, knobs, screens, inputs and outputs. That’s largely because medical device manufacturers have historically built their products by focusing on form way before function. If usability and design are even considered, it’s an afterthought at best.

    Of course, some degree of complexity in medical devices is understandable. These aren’t iPods we’re talking about, after all. But the founders at Shift Labs say there’s often an ulterior issue at play as well: profits."

    Read the full story on TechCrunch
    Y Combinator
    tag:blog.ycombinator.com,2013:Post/825444 2015-03-16T19:24:05Z 2015-03-16T19:24:06Z Industrial Microbes (YC W15) Is Engineering Bacteria To Produce Chemicals From Natural Gases

    Industrial Microbes joins the YC Winter 2015 batch: 

    The trio of synthetic biologists behind Industrial Microbes, a new East Bay-based startup backed by Y Combinator, have had years of experience in working with biofuels.

    They met at LS9, a biofuels startup that took more than $80 million of venture investment through the height of the cleantech wave and sought to create fuels from specially engineered bacteria. From a venture perspective, LS9 was a wash in the end and sold for up to $61.5 million last year.

    But Derek GreenfieldElizabeth Clarke and Noah Helman, who met at LS9 and have PhDs from Stanford, UC Berkeley and UCSF, are trying a new tack with their own company. Industrial Microbes is designing microorganisms that will convert natural gas into industrial chemicals.

    Read the full story on TechCrunch
    Y Combinator
    tag:blog.ycombinator.com,2013:Post/825421 2015-03-16T18:28:45Z 2015-03-16T18:28:46Z Pakible (YC W15) Makes It Dead Simple For Businesses To Design, Ship Packaging

    YC welcomes Pakible to the Winter 2015 batch. Read more about them on TechCrunch

    "With e-commerce startups breaking into eyewear, beauty, shaving, monthly subscriptions products and more, there will be plenty of need for boxes and packaging.

    That’s where Pakible, a Y Combinator-backed startup, is hoping to come in.

    Founded by Nick Carson and Phillip Akhzar, who used to work for iPhone and iPad repair startup iCracked, the company makes it simple for any business to prototype and then ship product packaging."

    Y Combinator
    tag:blog.ycombinator.com,2013:Post/825417 2015-03-16T18:23:55Z 2015-03-16T18:23:55Z Bankjoy (YC W15) Is Building A Modern-Day Mobile Banking App For Use By Credit Unions And Smaller Banks

    Bankjoy is launching out of the Winter 2015 batch of Y Combinator: 

    "Thanks to startups like Simple, which was acquired by financial services organization BBVA last year, banking customers got a look at what a modern-day web and mobile banking experience looks like, with features like goal-setting tools, automated categorization of expenditures, real-time notifications of new charges pushed to your mobile phone, the ability to block a lost or stolen card right from the mobile app, and more. Now, a new startup called Bankjoy wants to bring a similar experience to other, smaller banks with a white-labelled product and accompanying API platform that’s initially being aimed at credit unions.

    The Y Combinator-backed startup was founded by Michael Duncan, who worked for years at a credit union himself, first as a programmer, then later promoted to manage the company’s online and mobile banking services."

    Read the full story on TechCrunch

    Y Combinator
    tag:blog.ycombinator.com,2013:Post/825399 2015-03-16T17:40:44Z 2015-03-16T17:40:44Z InsiteVR (YC W15) Makes It Easy To Bring 3D Models Into Your Virtual World

    InsiteVR is launching out of the the W15 batch of Y Combinator. InsiteVR is a simple way for designers and architects to explore and present their 3D designs in virtual reality.  

    Read more about them on TechCrunch:

    "'The idea was initially inspired by a newly erected building on Columbia’s campus that obstructed the campus observatory’s view of the stars. We were both frustrated by the fact that nobody was able to visualize this ahead of time and let this major oversight slip through the cracks,' said founder Angel Say. The team created something called Vrban which they hoped would allow users to “explore urban environments using the Oculus Rift.” The goal was to allow architects to see what their buildings would look like before they went up.

    The company has six contracts in place with architecture firms and branding agencies and even an event production company. The new company allows you to view 3D models inside of a VR experience."

    Y Combinator
    tag:blog.ycombinator.com,2013:Post/824264 2015-03-13T22:22:59Z 2015-03-13T22:33:23Z ReadMe (YC W15) Creates Crisp Documentation For Developers Using Your APIs

    ReadMe.io launches out of the W15 batch of Y Combinator:  

    "With the prevalence of APIs, it’s easier than ever to integrate features from your favorite apps and services into your own work. If you’re one of those companies looking to get your APIs in the hands of third-party developers, however, it means that you’ve got more competition for mindshare.

    How do you get developers to integrate your maps or restaurant review database instead of someone else’s? The obvious answer is building out a stronger showing of features — who wouldn’t go with the most powerful option?

    But as Stripe’s rapid growth has shown, even in a market where the feature base is relatively stable, making it easier to deploy your technology can go a very long way. Stripe’s documentation makes it easy to use their APIs for handling payments whether you’re a lone blogger who wants to try a subscription model for their site or a startup scaling up to millions in sales.

    Y Combinator-backed ReadMe wants to make it easy for any company to provide quality documentation for developers who might be interested in using their APIs."

    Read the full story on TechCrunch
    Y Combinator
    tag:blog.ycombinator.com,2013:Post/824048 2015-03-13T17:44:32Z 2015-03-17T02:36:59Z SparkGift (YC W15) Wants You to Give Kids the Gift of Investing

    YC welcomes SparkGift to the W15 batch: 

    "'I hate gift giving,' Peggy Mangot, founder of a startup called Spark Gift that launched on Friday, told me the other day. I knew Mangot a little bit from her time as an executive on the Google Wallet team, so when she said this, I told her it sounded a lot meaner than the Peggy I know.

    'It’s just that I’ve been a DIY investor and saver since I was very young. Saving and investing is important to me. That’s why gift-giving is especially hard,' she said. 'Our culture is very much focused on commerce so every gift you see out there is commerce. Giving a savings instrument like an investment is not something that many people do.'

    But people did at one time. I remember receiving gifts of savings bonds as a child but, over time, that kind of gift has largely gone out of style as interest rates have dropped and the process to buy them has remained cumbersome.

    Enter Spark Gift. Mangot, the CEO, along with co-founders Tia Gao and Bob Haigler, have created a service that lets people give the gift of stocks or exchange-traded funds via email in denominations as low as $20. The goal is to make it easy to give the gift of an investment to young people."

    Read the full story on Re/code

    Y Combinator
    tag:blog.ycombinator.com,2013:Post/823966 2015-03-13T16:00:35Z 2015-03-13T16:22:56Z YC Digest - 3/6-3/12 Top Stories from the YC World - 3/6/15-3/12/15
    YC's 10th birthday was on March 11. Here's how YC started.

    Welcome Peter - Peter Thiel joins YC as a part-time partner

    The 5 Laws of Interface Design by Kevin Hale

    Why Y Combinator Funded a Radical Political Party in Argentina by Fast Company

    YC W15: Lully Built A Device To Prevent Night Terrors

    YC W15: Treeline Wants To Take The Coding Out Of Building A Backend

    YC W15: Notable Labs (YC W15) Provides Personalized Medical Testing For Brain Cancer Patients

    YC W15: Meetings Are Usually Terrible, But WorkLife (YC W15) Aims To Change That

    YC W15: Nomiku, Maker of An Affordable Sous Vide Machine, Gets Into Software With Tender App

    YC W15: SIRUM Matches Unused Medicine With Low-Income Patients

    YC W15: BuildScience’s (YC W15) Platform Ties Hardware Systems Together In Big Office Buildings

    YC W15: EquipmentShare Is Like Airbnb For Construction Equipment

    YC W15: Atomwise Discovers Drugs For Diseases That Don’t Even Exist Yet

    South Korean Cosmetics Startup Memebox (YC W14) Aims Globally By Raising $29 Million

    Y Combinator
    tag:blog.ycombinator.com,2013:Post/823399 2015-03-12T16:30:56Z 2015-03-13T16:12:11Z Lully (YC W15) Built A Device To Prevent Night Terrors

    Lully joins the YC W15 batch: 

    "Lully cofounder Andy Rink grew up with a twin sister who suffered from night terrors. Each night, like clockwork, she would experience a terrible nightmare, but instead of waking from it instantly like most kids, she had to suffer through it.

    That’s why Rink and his cofounder Varun Boriah teamed up to create Lully. After studying sleep patterns at Stanford Biodesign together, the duo took their research to the drawing board and realized that a strong enough vibration, at an easily predictable interval, could actually soothe the child through the potential period of night terror and let everyone in the house sleep peacefully.

    Lully is a smart device that goes under the mattress of the child experiencing night terrors. Producing a vibration about 10x stronger than the one in your smartphone, the Lully brings children out of that unhealthy sleep pattern into a lighter sleep, avoiding the whole night terror episode before it even begins."

    Read the full story on TechCrunch
    Y Combinator
    tag:blog.ycombinator.com,2013:Post/823394 2015-03-12T16:20:44Z 2015-03-19T01:20:07Z Treeline (YC W15) Wants To Take The Coding Out Of Building A Backend

    "Building the backend to power your dream app is one of the walls that stops front-end developers from even attempting to prototype their own app designs.

    It’s got to run fast but efficiently on whatever infrastructure you decide to use. It has to work with any platform you might build a client for. If something goes wrong, it undermines all of the other work you’ve done to make your customers happy.

    Y Combinator-backed Treeline is trying to break down that intimidation by stripping the job of building a backend down to its essence: building the pipelines data flows through in an application or service." 

    Read the full story on TechCrunch]]>
    Y Combinator