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Scaling Product at Airbnb with Joe Gebbia and Reid Hoffman

Co-founder of Airbnb, Joe Gebbia, sits down with Reid Hoffman to talk about scaling the product for Airbnb, and how they thought about designing the full chain of the travel experience (not just the accommodations element).

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Live Office Hours with Kevin Hale and Dalton Caldwell

Kevin Hale, Partner at Y Combinator, and Dalton Caldwell, Director of Admissions and Partner at Y Combinator, join us today to hold office hours with three startups: HubHaus, Lambda Intelligence, and Commaful.

WittyThumbs (S17) wants to improve online-dating conversations

WittyThumbs helps people improve their dating lives by teaching them how to open up emotionally, be more comfortable being authentic, spend their time effectively, reduce anxiety, and set clear expectations for themselves and others. Here are some of their answers to the YC application.

Kip’s Investor Pledge for Mental Health

This week Kip (YC W16) launched their Investor Pledge for Mental Health–a public commitment to take an active role in promoting mental health. Erin Frey of Kip and Ben Huh of YC shared their thoughts on therapy with us.

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Scaling Culture with Jason Kilar, former Hulu CEO

Jason Kilar is the former CEO of Hulu and Vessel, and an early executive at Amazon. He joined us at The Scaleup Offsite to talk about establishing and scaling a company’s culture.

Paul Buchheit on Lessons Learned from Investing in 200+ Startups

Jasper Kuria interviewed YC Partner Paul Buchheit about his experience as employee #23 at Google, his key investing insights, and his advice for entrepreneurs.

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How to Build and Manage Teams – Vinod Khosla & Anu Hariharan

Anu Hariharan, Partner at YC Continuity, sits down with Vinod Khosla, Founder of Khosla Ventures and previously the founding CEO and co-founder of Sun Microsystems, to talk about belief systems around hiring, and how to manage your company’s growth internally.

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