Founder Stories: Reham Fagiri of AptDeco

Reham Fagiri is cofounder and CEO of AptDeco (YC W14). AptDeco is a peer to peer marketplace for buying and selling furniture. Discussed: Skills Learned During Her MBA; Going From a Bank to a Startup; Starting AptDeco; SF<>NYC During YC; Reham’s Favorite Podcasts.

Startup School Online: First Lecture and Speaker List

We’re excited to announce that Startup School is now in session. You can watch the first lecture at For this course, we are joined by some great speakers who want to help make startups be better startups. The speakers and topics are listed in this post.

A Science Exchange Marketplace for YC Companies

Today we’re announcing that YC companies will now have exclusive access to a Science Exchange marketplace where they can instantly order experimental services from a network of over 2,500 qualified scientific service providers, all with pre-established contracts that protect companies’ IP and confidentiality.

Hacker News Highlights: March 2017

Our favorite Hacker News comments from March: One of the authors of The Unix-Haters Handbook joins a thread on the book; HN users reminisce about their ZX81s; Pink Floyd’s recording console is for sale and a HN user’s father is the person who installed it.

Hacking DNA: The Story of CRISPR, Ken Thompson, and the Gene Drive

Before CRISPR, genetic engineering was slow, expensive, and inaccurate. With CRISPR, genome editing is cheap, accurate, and repeatable. This is the story of CRISPR, concluding with a discussion of Gene Drive, a biological technique which, when used with CRISPR, gives even greater power to genetic engineers.

YC W17 Launch: Tress

We’re nearing the end of YC’s W17 batch. As companies launch they’ll be doing a Q&A on Hacker News – aka Launch HN – in addition to being included in a roundup on the blog. This week Tress is launching. They’re a social community for black women’s hairstyles.

Ask a Female Engineer: How Can Managers Help Retain Technical Women on Their Team?

In the ongoing conversation about women in tech, we hear a lot about women leaving companies and even the industry as a whole, so we decided to ask a group of female engineers what reasons have prompted them to leave companies in the past, or what might motivate them to move out of a technical role.

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