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Blockchain Investing with Olaf Carlson-Wee and Aaron Harris

Olaf Carlson-Wee is the founder and CEO of Polychain Capital, a blockchain investing hedge fund. Aaron Harris is a Partner at YC.

Feather Rents Furniture to People and Businesses on the Move (YC S17)

Feather is a furniture rental company, setting out to provide stylish, affordable furniture to people and startups that move frequently. You can learn more on: Hacker News, Product Hunt, TechCrunch, and The Verge.

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Q&A with YC Partners at the Female Founders Conference

At our fourth annual Female Founders Conference, YC Partners answered questions from the audience. The Partners on stage were Kat Manalac, Jessica Livingston, Adora Cheung, Anu Hariharan, Carolynn Levy, and Kirsty Nathoo.

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Aileen Lee and Kirsty Nathoo at the Female Founders Conference

Aileen Lee is the founder of Cowboy Ventures. Kirsty Nathoo is CFO and a Partner at Y Combinator. This conversation was recorded at our fourth annual Female Founders Conference.

Safes are not bad for entrepreneurs

Pascal Levensohn and Andrew Krowne recently published an article: “Why Safe Notes are not safe for entrepreneurs.” The authors were critical of the safe, describing it (as the click-bait title suggests), as bad for entrepreneurs. But the authors make an important point – which was clarified by Levensohn in a follow-up post — with which we don’t disagree: both investors and entrepreneurs need to understand the way that convertible securities convert, and they need to understand dilution.

Illustrations from the Female Founders Conference

Alli McKee of Stick.ai illustrated several talks during our fourth annual Female Founders Conference. She outlined the key points from each talk along with some of her favorite quotes. You can watch the full conference on our YouTube channel.

The Evolution of Chat Apps for the Service Economy

Facebook and Apple (recently announced Business Chat) are now both vying for the same goal of owning the conversation between businesses and their clients. These conversations are so valuable because for the platform through which the communication is transmitted, incredible amounts of data and attention can be obtained not just of the consumer, but of the business as well. Data + attention = monetization.

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