YC at Columbia, Harvard, MIT, Stanford, UPenn

We’re excited to be visiting 5 universities in the next month. Join YC partners and alumni who will tell their stories, share startup advice and answer your questions. You can also sign up for one-on-one office hours at each location. Get feedback on what you’re building or ask us questions about YC. We hope to see you there.

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GitLab’s Secret to Managing 160 Employees in 160 Locations

Ali Rowghani, head of YC Continuity, talks to Gitlab CEO Sid Sijbrandij (W15) about how Gitlab has built a completely distributed company with 160 people (and growing). Sid’s biggest tip for success in scaling a distributed company: write everything down.

Recommend a Founder for YC

If you know someone working on a startup who we should encourage to apply for the Summer 2017 batch, you can now recommend them to us through our new system. Applications for YC Summer 2017 are open now.

YC Research: Universal Healthcare

Today, we’re excited to announce that YC Research is funding Watsi for a project that will study using technology to improve the quality and reduce the cost of healthcare. Currently, up to 40% of all healthcare funding is wasted on operational inefficiencies, fraud, and ineffective care. Watsi’s goal is to improve the efficiency of funding, making universal healthcare possible.

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Lessons From Doing YC Twice – Harj Taggar

Harj Taggar is the CEO and cofounder of Triplebyte (YC S15), a marketplace for connecting software engineers with companies that are hiring. Before Triplebyte Harj was a Partner at YC and cofounded Auctomatic (YC W07).

Fundraising Rounds Are Not Milestones

Raising a round should be a byproduct of success. By deemphasizing investment rounds we would have more opportunity to celebrate companies who develop measurable milestones of value creation, focus on serving a customer with a real need, and generate sustainable businesses with good margins.

Tuesday Q&A with Tracy Young & Ralph Gootee of PlanGrid

During the batch we invite a speaker in for every Tuesday dinner. Tracy Young and Ralph Gootee of PlanGrid joined us during the W17 batch. PlanGrid builds beautiful, effective, productivity software for the $8 trillion per year construction industry.

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