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Elizabeth Iorns on Biotech Companies in YC

Elizabeth Iorns is cofounder and CEO of Science Exchange. She’s also an Expert here at YC. She came in to answer some of the most common questions we get from founders in biotech.

YC World

We put together a map that shows where YC companies are from. It’s based on the location of the founders before applying for YC. We believe the global startup ecosystem can support a lot more startups. We would love to see even more people starting companies and we will continue to increase our outreach efforts. As more people from different backgrounds apply, more startups will be funded, a wider range of problems will be addressed and the positive impact will be felt around the world.

Stephanie Simon Guest Edits The Monday Morning Macro

Stephanie Simon, an Admissions Manager at Y Combinator, guest edits our weekly newsletter. Included: climate change-related reads, building products “monkey-first”, an ethical dilemma around automating one’s job, and mini organs.

YC Edtech Night on October 17

This free event will feature edtech CEOs from Y Combinator and Imagine K12 who will share their founder stories and practical startup advice. At the end of the evening, two startups from the audience will be selected for on-stage office hours with YC partners Tim Brady and Geoff Ralston.

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The Challenges a Repeat Founder Faces

Tikhon Bernstam cofounded Scribd (YC S06) and Parse (YC S11). He stopped by to share his experience starting a second startup, deciding to do YC a second time, and investing in several YC startups after Parse.

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Hosain Rahman on the “Defibrillator Experiences” of Jawbone

Hosain Rahman is the CEO and Founder of Jawbone. Jessica Livingston interviewed him during our 2014 Startup School and Hosain shared the “defibrillator experiences” from Jawbone’s early days.

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Spotting Ecommerce Trends in Shipping Data – Laura Behrens Wu

Laura Behrens Wu is the CEO and cofounder of Shippo. Shippo powers shipping for platforms, marketplaces, and ecommerce. Discussed: leaving an MBA program to start a startup, going into a new industry, and shipping alligators.

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