I'm interviewing the founders of AirBnB live today at 1:30 pm (PT)

At 1:30 pm (PT) today I'll be interviewing Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia, two of AirBnB's founders. Tune into Justin.tv (http://www.justin.tv/jessicaycombinator#r=XHx3dbY~&s=li) to watch the interview.

Lots of people have suggested I do interviews like the ones in Founders at Work with the YC founders. When I saw Andrew Warner's Mixergy interviews, I realized that this could be an awesome way to do it. So I'm planning to do a series of live interviews with YC founders-- mostly about when they first got started. It should be interesting because I know these founders pretty well and I know what to ask them about.

Thanks to my friends at Justin.tv-- especially Randall Bennett who set everything up for me and patiently answered my questions-- and to Andrew Warner for some helpful tips!