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Drew Houston on How to Build the Future

Drew is the founder and CEO of Dropbox. Rejected once before, Drew eventually went through Y Combinator in the Winter of 2007 with Dropbox and has since grown it to over 500 million users today.

Hiring for Basic Income

We’re looking for a Research Manager to oversee operations for the larger-scale study. This person will help shape the final research design and contribute extensively to the analysis and reporting. We also filmed a discussion about Basic Income with Craig Cannon.

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Office Hours with Kat Manalac

Kat Manalac and Craig Cannon go through questions submitted on Hacker News. Discussed: How would you go about starting an incubator in another country? If you’re a company launching to the press for the first time, what would you recommend doing?

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Sam Altman’s Whale AMA

Sam answers questions submitted on Whale. Including: What’s the best thing you learned from Paul Graham? What social problems would you like to see startups tackling in 2017? Out of all the founders that have manbuns, who is your favorite?

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GitLab’s Secret to Managing 160 Employees in 160 Locations

Ali Rowghani, head of YC Continuity, talks to Gitlab CEO Sid Sijbrandij (W15) about how Gitlab has built a completely distributed company with 160 people (and growing). Sid’s biggest tip for success in scaling a distributed company: write everything down.

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Lessons From Doing YC Twice – Harj Taggar

Harj Taggar is the CEO and cofounder of Triplebyte (YC S15), a marketplace for connecting software engineers with companies that are hiring. Before Triplebyte Harj was a Partner at YC and cofounded Auctomatic (YC W07).

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Office Hours with Daniel Gross

Daniel Gross and Craig Cannon go through questions submitted on Hacker News. Discussed: How important is it to raise money? How worried should startups be about people copying them? We feel pressured to get into machine learning, should we?

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