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The Technical Advisor for Silicon Valley on HBO: Ed McManus

Ed McManus was the technical advisor for season three of Silicon Valley on HBO. He came in to talk about what his experience working on the show.

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Hiring Engineers with Ammon Bartram

Ammon Bartram is the cofounder of Triplebyte (YC S15) and Socialcam (YC W12). Triplebyte connects software engineers with companies that are hiring.

Announcing the Y Combinator Podcast

Our new podcast is live. The first five episodes are with Ammon Bartram of Triplebyte, Anu Hariharan of YC Continuity, Ed McManus of HBO’s Silicon Valley, Elon Musk, and Wojciech Zaremba of OpenAI.

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Office Hours with Kat Manalac

Kat Manalac and Craig Cannon go through questions submitted on Hacker News. Discussed: How would you go about starting an incubator in another country? If you’re a company launching to the press for the first time, what would you recommend doing?

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Jessica Livingston on How To Build The Future

Our second guest on How To Build The Future is Jessica Livingston, Co-Founder of Y Combinator!

Jessica has been instrumental in the creation and continued success of YC. She talks here about what founders of very successful companies do in their early days, and also what she did in the early days to make YC into what it’s become.

How Mixpanel Created Demand

Suhail Doshi, cofounder of Mixpanel, on creating demand by educating journalists and VCs. You can subscribe to Startup School Radio on Soundcloud or iTunes. For weekly recaps of…

Recognizing Bad Advice

A two-part interview with the founders of Remix and Le Tote.

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