Founder Stories: Kate Heddleston of Opsolutely

Kate Heddleston is founder and CEO of Opsolutely (YC S16). Discussed: Developer Productivity; Human-Computer Interaction; Kate’s CS Degree; Academic vs. Practical Knowledge; Deciding to Do YC; Learnings from YC; Being a Female Founder; Advice to College Students; Dune.

How to Create an Employee Handbook

We talked to Katie Evans-Reber and Steffi Wu of Gusto (YC W12) about their new guide on how to create an employee handbook. You can download it for free here.

Founder Stories: Blake Scholl of Boom Technology

Blake Scholl is founder and CEO of Boom Technology (YC W16). Boom is building supersonic passenger airplanes that lots of people can afford to fly. Discussed: Innovation in Aviation; Blake’s Career Before Boom; Being a Hard Tech Company in YC; Meeting with Richard Branson.

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Lessons From Doing YC Twice – Harj Taggar

Harj Taggar is the CEO and cofounder of Triplebyte (YC S15), a marketplace for connecting software engineers with companies that are hiring. Before Triplebyte Harj was a Partner at YC and cofounded Auctomatic (YC W07).

Tuesday Q&A with Tracy Young & Ralph Gootee of PlanGrid

During the batch we invite a speaker in for every Tuesday dinner. Tracy Young and Ralph Gootee of PlanGrid joined us during the W17 batch. PlanGrid builds beautiful, effective, productivity software for the $8 trillion per year construction industry.

Tuesday Q&A with Rob Rhinehart of Soylent

During the batch we invite a speaker in for every Tuesday dinner. Rob Rhinehart of Soylent joined us during the W17 batch. Discussed: The most impactful thing Rob’s done in terms of selling Soylent, advice for founders, and his book recommendations.


Employee #1: Kickstarter

A conversation with Cassie Marketos, Kickstarter’s first employee. Discussed: Meeting Yancey, Setting Kickstarter’s Tone Through Community Management, Choosing Projects to Feature, Learning How To Manage Up, Moving On, Book Recommendations.

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