Alexis Ohanian embarks on an epic 100 stop college tour promoting entrepreneurship: Coming to a campus near you!

Y Combinator Ambassador-to-the-East Alexis Ohanian writes about his upcoming book tour on the Reddit Blog:

I'm about to embark on an epic 100 stop, 65 college, 5 month long tour promoting internet entrepreneurship. Sure, it’s technically for my book, Without Their Permission, which is both a blueprint and a rallying cry for the open internet and entrepreneurship, but what I want to promote is how our generation has a tremendous opportunity to do amazing things online. We're all still figuring out just what kind of an impact the internet will have on the world -- let's be the ones doing it.

This isn’t just my story, it’s the stories of your successful alums as well as current students, all learning from and contributing to the greatest platform for ideas the world has ever seen (the internet). All told, the student bodies of all the schools I’m visiting is just shy of 1,000,000! I told you it’s going to be epic.

Let's hang out IRL, high-5, and I'll doodle you a reddit alien while you alternate between asking me anything and telling me about your favorite subreddit.

School Status Date Alum Interview Subreddit
Cooper Union Yes! 10/7/2013
University of Michigan In Progress 10/21/2013
University of Nebraska-Lincoln Yes! 10/23/2013
University of Minnesota Yes! 10/24/2013
Washington University - Saint Louis In Progress 10/28/2013
Vanderbilt In Progress 10/29/2013
University of Texas At Austin Yes! 10/30/2013
Tulane In Progress 11/1/2013 Erik Martin
George Washington University Yes! 11/4/2013
Georgetown University In Progress 11/5/2013
University of Maryland College Park Yes! 11/6/2013
University of Virginia Yes! 11/8/2013
College of William and Mary In Progress 11/9/2013
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Yes! 11/11/2013
Duke University Yes! 11/12/2013
Wake Forest University In Progress 11/14/2013
Rutgers University Yes! 11/14/2013
Virginia Tech Yes! 11/15/2013
Georgia Institute of Technology Yes! 11/17/2013
University of Georgia In Progress 11/18/2013
University of Miami Need Help! 11/20/2013
Princeton University Yes! 11/20/2013
University of Waterloo Yes! 11/22/2013
University of Pennsylvania In Progress 12/2/2013
Johns Hopkins University In Progress 12/3/2013
Swarthmore College Need Help! 12/4/2013
Yale and Wesleyan In Progress 12/5/2013
Brown In Progress 12/6/2013
Harvard, MIT, Tufts In Progress 12/7/2013
BU In Progress 12/9/2013
Amherst In Progress 12/10/2013
Skidmore In Progress 12/11/2013
University of Toronto Need Help! 1/13/2014
Northeastern In Progress 1/14/2014
University of Notre Dame In Progress 1/15/2014
RISD In Progress 1/16/2014
University of Florida In Progress 1/17/2014
Harvey Mudd College Yes! 1/21/2014
California Institute of Technology Yes! 1/22/2014
USC In Progress 1/23/2014
UCLA Yes! 1/24/2014
Stanford University In Progress 1/27/2014 Paul Graham
University of California Berkeley In Progress 1/28/2014 Paul Graham
University of Oregon In Progress 1/29/2014
Oregon State University Need Help! 1/30/2014
Colorado College In Progress 2/1/2014
Dartmouth In Progress 2/3/2014
Syracuse Yes! 2/4/2014
Cornell Yes! 2/5/2014
SUNY Binghamton In Progress 2/6/2014
Penn State In Progress 2/7/2014
The Ohio State University In Progress 2/10/2014
University of Cincinnati In Progress 2/11/2014
Xavier University Need Help! 2/12/2014
Indiana University Bloomington In Progress 2/13/2014
Purdue University Yes! 2/17/2014
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign In Progress 2/18/2014
Northwestern University In Progress 2/19/2014
University of Wisconsin-Madison Yes! 2/20/2014
UMass In Progress 2/23/2014
U Ohio Yes! 2/24/2014
Carnegie Mellon University In Progress 2/25/2014
NYC Colleges (NYU, Columbia, New School) In Progress TBD
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