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The CEO Who Pays Employees to De-Locate From the Bay

Wade Foster is the CEO of Zapier (YC S12). This year Zapier announced their De-Location Package, which is a $10,000 offer for new Bay Area employees and their families to relocate to a home outside the Bay Area. Also discussed: Lessons learned while building a remote team and Wade’s racquetball tips.

Read This Before You Build Uber for X

We still hear it all the time: “I’m building the Uber for X.” That idea – an app that lets consumers get a specific service when they need it, while giving service professionals (“pros”) immediate work – makes complete sense. It worked great for local transportation services, so why could it not be applicable across all types of industries?

The Token Effect

Cryptocurrencies and tokens are becoming increasingly popular. In this post, we’ll explore the context that triggered this frenzy, the new possibilities tokens unlock, and why people are excited about its future.

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Founders of Science Exchange, Goldbely, and The Flex Company Discuss Fundraising

During the Female Founders Conference Kat Manalac invited three YC founders on stage to share their experiences of fundraising. The founders are Elizabeth Iorns of Science Exchange, Vanessa Torrivilla of Goldbely, and Erica Jensen of The Flex Company.

Ask A Female Engineer: Thoughts on the Google Memo

This is the sixth installment in a series where we ask female engineers questions and share their candid, anonymous responses. In this post, we did something a bit different: we asked engineers to answer questions about the recent memo by former Google engineer James Damore. There’s been a lot of anger on both sides, but I haven’t seen many constructive discussions between people who disagree on these issues. I and all the women who have contributed in this post feel that there’s forward progress to be made by finding common ground and discussing different viewpoints without yelling. I hope this will be a good forum for that.

CocuSocial Is a Marketplace for Cooking Classes That Are Hosted at Restaurants and Hotels (YC S17)

Traditional cooking classes are expensive and intensive, but CocuSocial wants to make them affordable, easy to access and fun. In one year, CocuSocial has become the largest cooking class provider in New York City. You can learn more on TechCrunch, Product Hunt, and Hacker News.

Kat Mañalac Guest Edits The Monday Morning Macro

Kat Mañalac guest edits our weekly newsletter. Included: YC startup launches, Jeff Dean’s AI lecture, a founder’s reflections on getting cancer, OpenAI’s Dota bot, and Dalton Caldwell’s 2010 Startup School talk on on why you shouldn’t start a music startup.

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