Bannerman (YC S14) Delivers Bouncers On Demand

It looks like this is going to be the year of the “Uber for things that aren’t rides” in Silicon Valley. While the market for similar services — like shipping packages or grocery shopping — is already starting to develop, the concept is starting to move onto totally unrelated markets. Bannerman, for instance, is a startup in the Y Combinator Summer 2014 class that sounds a lot like “Uber for security.”

With Bannerman, you can visit their site, give a date, address, and the number of security guards you need, and within 30 minutes they’ll have everything set up. Not quite Uber-level speed, but way less of a hassle than trying to find and arrange similar services through a private security company.

Instacart (YC S12) Raises $44 Million Series B From Andreessen Horowitz And Others

Congrats, Instacart!

The future of grocery delivery is arriving ahead of schedule.

Instacart, the San Francisco startup that uses a distributed network of smartphone-equipped shoppers to provide home delivery from supermarkets in as little as an hour, has raised $44 million in new funding, bringing the total amount of capital it’s raised to $55 million.

YC Hacks - August 2-3

We're hosting a hackathon this summer at YC in Mountain View. Our goal is to give smart hackers an excuse to get together and spend time building something they find interesting. We don't have a theme—we want to leave it open to any good ideas.

The hackathon will start Saturday, August 2 at noon, and end August 3 in the early evening. Several YC companies that develop platforms, services and developer tools, will be around to act as mentors. Judging will happen the evening of the 3rd—we haven't figured out all the prizes yet, but the top teams will get guaranteed YC interviews for the next batch.

Application deadline: June 27
Invitations will be sent by July 7 

Roost (YC S14) Takes On Twitter, RSS With A Platform For Web-Based Push Notifications

A new Y Combinator-backed startup called Roost wants to succeed where RSS readers perhaps failed with the introduction of a new service that lets consumers subscribe to websites using browser-based push notifications. However, unlike a browser plug-in system such as PageMonitor, for example, Roost is based on an upcoming standard for web push, which is built into Safari and is coming soon to Google Chrome and Firefox.

Startup School Europe Speakers

The deadline to apply for Startup School Europe is coming up on June 20. Apply here.

Speakers include: 

Paul Buchheit
Partner, Y Combinator; Founder, FriendFeed; Creator of Gmail

Adora Cheung
Founder, Homejoy

Patrick Collison
Founder, Stripe

Ian Hogarth
Founder, Songkick 

Alfred Lin
Partner, Sequoia Capital

Urška Sršen
Founder, Bellabeat

Hiroki Takeuchi
Founder, GoCardless

+ on-stage office hours with YC partners

See you in London on July 26! 

The YC Board of Overseers

I’m delighted to announce the new Board of Overseers for Y Combinator.

The members are: Brian Chesky, Adora Cheung, John Collison, Patrick Collison, Drew Houston, Jessica Livingston, David Rusenko, Emmett Shear, and me.

I’ve worked with everyone on this list.  They are all great and care deeply about YC—we're very lucky to have them.  They'll help ensure YC thrives for a long time.

The Board will be responsible for hiring and firing the YC President, and occasionally helping with strategic direction.  Hopefully it doesn’t have to meet very often.

Hipmunk (YC S10) Raises $20M Round

Congrats, Hipmunk! 

Flight and hotel search startup Hipmunk is announcing that it has raised $20 million in Series C funding.

The round was led by Oak Investment Partners. Hipmunk co-founder and CEO Adam Goldstein told me that he’d been looking to raise money from a firm that had experience in consumer travel, and Oak fit that description because it previously backed flight search service Kayak. Oak general partner Ren Riley is joining Hipmunk’s board of directors.

Standard Treasury (YC S13) Raises $2.7M to Help Banks Deliver Digital Services

San Francisco startup Standard Treasury (Financial Tech Inc.) has raised $2.7 million in seed funding to help financial institutions become digital services providers on par with Amazon Web Services, Salesforce, Dropbox and other platforms that businesses and developers deem essential.

The seed deal closed late last year, but Standard Treasury kept its funding under wraps until now, as it was developing pilot projects and early customer relationships.

Songkick (YC S07) Reaches 10M Monthly Fans and 100M Revenue

Congrats Songkick!

Songkick is now hooking up over 10 million unique fans every month with their favourite artist – whether it’s at a wild west watering hole in Joshua Tree, a moored boat in Bristol, or a 2000 year old Roman amphitheatre.

When looking back to where we started, it’s amazing that in April over 10 million fans used Songkick. That’s a positive impact on not just fans, it’s about artists too – those 10 million fans bought tickets for shows they wouldn’t have known about otherwise. With over 70% of the average artist’s income coming from live performances, we’re proud to have become an important partner to the artists we love.

Read more on the Songkick blog

Eventjoy (YC W14) launches new iOS app

Eventjoy, which offers fee-free event ticketing, launched their new iOS app today. 

New features include: 

> A full ticketing experience: Buy tickets, access them on demand, and send them to Passbook.

> More social: Share events or communities with friends on Facebook, Twitter, SMS, and email.

> Instant access: Whether or not you purchase tickets you can see event info, engage with other attendees, and get real-time updates from the organizer.

> Better integration with Maps and your calendar

Read more about Eventjoy iOS v2 on their blog