Snaptalent (W08) shuts down gracefully


Dear Investors, Users, and Snaptalent Fans,

From founding the company in 2007, we've had a crash course about the nuances of the online recruitment space. We'd like to announce that we've made a decision to move on from Snaptalent and return the majority of capital raised back to investors now than continue.


PG on Fox Today


Funding Tech Start-ups

Funding Tech Start-ups

Published: Fri, 14 Aug 2009

Description: Y Combinator Founder Paul Graham on why he believes so strongly in investing in technology.

Paul was interviewed on Fox Business News today-- dressed extra formally in a black polo shirt.

Tim Ferriss and Kevin Rose on Y Combinator, Language Learning and More

Tim Ferriss and Kevin Rose's thoughts about YC (at 8:19). Kevin was one of our speakers this summer and was a big hit with the founders. He told us a lot of very interesting stuff about the history of Digg that even we'd never known. Tim has invested in 2 YC startups (Posterous and RescueTime) and has helped out a bunch of others. Thanks guys!