WePay (YC S09) raises $10M growth round from Ignition Partners

Online payment platform WePay just announced that it has raised $10 million in a new financing round. This round was led by Ignition Partners. Two of the company’s existing investors, Highland Capital Partners and August Capital also participated in this round. WePay, which bills itself as the “anti-PayPal,” is a Y Combinator alumni and was founded in 2008. The company raised a total of $9.15 million in two previous rounds over the last two years. In today’s announcement, WePay notes that this is a growth round and is meant to allow it to scale its technology and workforce.

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42 Floors (YC W12) launches Showroom to help make your office truly awesome

42floors, the startup that launched in March out of Y Combinator’s Winter 2012 class, is still only providing itscommercial real estate search product in the San Francisco Bay Area. 42Floors says more regions are on the way, but in the meantime, the company has found another way to go national: The debut today of “Showroom,” a marketplace that provides all the stuff businesses need to move into a new office after they sign the lease on the space.

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Quiet giant Weebly (YC W07) reports over 75M monthly visitors and 11M websites created

Weebly has been doing great, as reported by AllThingsD today:

Web site creation and hosting service Weebly is a bit of a quiet online giant. Founded six years ago, the company has helped users create more than 11 million Web sites, with 75 million monthly visitors.

Though most everything the company provides is free, with no ads, it has been profitable since the beginning of 2009, based on charging a few dollars per month for premium features like larger uploads and selling domain names.

In fact, Weebly is so profitable that co-founder and CEO David Rusenko told me yesterday that it may well go public within the next few years. I think the expression on my face could be described as “Wha??”

“It all comes down to the growth rate,” he continued. “Within a few years, I expect we will have the profile to IPO.”

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Forbes reports Y Combinator is the #1 incubator: $7.78B in value created, $45.2M avg startup

As part of our Midas List coverage this year, FORBES created a list of the top U.S. incubators and accelerators. The rankings (see the chart below) are based on a number of factors, focusing on the value of the incubators’ companies. In other words, we took the exit prices or the last priced equity valuation of the companies that have gone through each program. We also took into account other measures, such as how much venture funding their companies have raised, what percentage of their companies have raised funding and what percentage of their companies have been acquired or gone out of business. 


The top incubator in our analysis is Y Combinator. When taking into account the 172 companies that have been acquired, shut down or raised funding, the total value is $7.78 billion, for an average of $45.2 million per company. It’s a remarkable figure, considering the Mountain View, Calif.-based firm has been in existence for seven years. 

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42Floors (YC W12) brings disruption to the commercial real estate: Inc covers it

Read about Jason's beginnings and how 42Floors is bringing disruption to commercial real estate in Inc Magazine:

Jason Freedman hunches his shoulders against New York City's December chill and walks faster, nudged both by the cold and by being late. He and David Woodworth, co-founders of an Internet company called 42Floors, both stand out a bit with their buoyant, vulnerable Californianess as they swim against the trudging, elbowing crowds.

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Pair (YC W12) raises $4.2M from Yuri Milner, SV Angel, Crunchfund and more

For a social network that’s, for lack of a better term,monogamous, social network for couples Pair has just raised funding from so many high-profile investors I’m having trouble picking who to include in this headline, and seriously running out of the room.

Investors in the company’s recent $4.2 million seed round include Ashton Kutcher’s A-Grade Ventures, Dave Morin, Paul Buchheit, Founder Collective, SV Angel, Lerer Ventures, Michael Birch, Sam Altman, CrunchFund, Tencent, Yuri Milner, Betaworks, Alexis Ohanian, Garry Tan, Harjeet Taggar, Gary Vaynerchuk, Brandee Barker, Brian Pokorny, Elad Gil, and Susan Wu.

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Socialcam (YC W12) nabs angel funding from the A-List: Yuri, Laurene Powell Jobs, Tim Draper, Ashton, more

Socialcam is the #1 free app most downloaded, and has now surpassed Viddy in the iOS App Store. They've also announced a recent angel round, as noted in Techcrunch:

The race to be the “Instagram for video” is hotter than ever, and Socialcam, the app that spun out of video sharing pioneer Justin.tv last year and was part of Y Combinator’s winter 2012 class, is hustling hard for the lead. The company has raised seed funding from a group of angel investors that reads like a “who’s who” list of tech and entertainment industry heavyweights.

I’ve been hearing whispers about Socialcam’s crazy angel round for weeks now, and I’ve finally verified the full list of the startup’s seed backers.

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Per Vices (YC W12) launches a software defined radio (SDR) that will revolutionize wireless

Per Vices is a startup from the latest class that’s looking to disrupt how wireless communications are sent. They’ve built a device called Phi that can interact with any wireless or radio signal. It’s a transceiver that can demodulate and process signal data up to 4 Gigahertz.

In plain English, that means one of Per Vices’ devices can re-route your cell phone calls through your landline connection, if for example you have bad 3G service in your house. In theory, that means you could set up a decentralized wireless network where mobile devices and desktops are sending communications to each other instead of one where all mobile phones have to send and receive signals from carrier-operated cell phone towers. It’s a critical issue the industry needs to solve as data-hogging mobile subscribers eat into the profit margins of the carriers.

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Crocodoc (YC W10) releases HTML5 document embedding for all other web-based services

Y Combinator alum Crocodoc is debuting a new technology today that aims to bring an enterprise-grade HTML5 document embedding service for Microsoft Office and PDF files to web-based products.

Crocodoc launched in 2010 to kill off Acrobat. The startup’s initial Flash-based technology allowed you to upload a PDF, and receive a version of the same document in your browser, which you could then share with coworkers and annotate with notes, highlighting, text, and a pen tool, with changes that show up to other users in real-time. Last year, Crocodoc launched this technology in HTML5 for mobile embedding.

Today, Crocodoc is debuting a new version of this HTML5 embedding technology specifically designed for the scale and demand of consumer and business web and mobile applications. The startup says that using Crocodoc, documents can be embedded into any web or mobile app using a simple iFrame or JavaScript library (no plugins, downloads, or desktop software required). The technology features fast, crystal-clear rendering, and advanced security, including 256-bit document encryption, on-premise storage options, and multiple deployment options including SaaS and private cloud.

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SendHub (YC W12) secures $2M seed funding from Kapor Capital, 500 Startups, Menlo Ventures, angels

Recent Y Combinator graduate SendHub, which bills itself as SMS for organizations, is in the business of replacing the email blast with an SMS message and aims to solve a myriad of real-world consumer, business, and enterprise one-to-many communication challenges.

SendHub has just closed a $2 million seed round led by Kapor Capital, the company exclusively told VentureBeat. Howard Lindzon’s Social Leverage fund, 500 Startups, Bronze Investments, Menlo Ventures, and angels including Eric Ries, Paul Buchheit, and Jawed Karim all participated in the round.

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