Grubwithus (YC W11) raises $5M Series A from GRP Partners, Suster to join board

Grubwithus has raised $5 million in Series A funding from GRP Partners and Lebanese entrepreneur Michel Daher, known for Daher Foods. The Y Combinator funded company previously raised about $1.6 million in seed stage funding from actor Ashton Kutcher, Andreessen Horowitz, First Round Capital, New Enterprise Associates, Start Fund, SV Angel and individual entrepreneurs Yuri Milner, Matt Cutts, Paul Buchheit and Alexis Ohanian. As part of the Series A funding, GRP Partner Mark Suster will join the board.

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Mixpanel (YC S09) raises $10M Series A from Andreessen Horowitz

Congrats to Suhail and Tim at Mixpanel -- they've made something people want, and they've now got the growth capital to take it even bigger. 

Liz Gannes at AllThingsD covers the funding:

All the start-ups I talk to these days seem to be using Mixpanel analytics. That’s the same experience the partners at Andreessen Horowitz had, so they anted up $10 million to lead a Series A round of funding for the company.

Mixpanel CEO Suhail Doshi said he aims for his products to be richer than Google Analytics and easier to grok than Omniture, while measuring modern things like engagement instead of old-school page views. Mixpanel has both Web and mobile products, and is used by companies like Path, Viddy, Socialcam, Jawbone and Airbnb.

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Take a tour of Anyvivo's Jellyfish Warehouse (YC W12) -- soon to be for all pets and plants

AnyVivo, a startup that launched this spring out of Y Combinator’s Winter 2012 program, has a pretty big mission: It wants to be the e-commerce hub for all living things. You might think thatAmazon sells everything, and you’re almost right — but AnyVivo wants to pick up exactly where it leaves off, at pets and plants. Selling and shipping such things is actually pretty complicated from a warehousing and logistical perspective, but AnyVivo says it wants to take on the challenge.

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Swiftype (YC W12) launches the future of search: Finally site search that rocks

In my four-plus years covering tech, I don’t think I’ve ever met another blogger who was happy with the search feature on their website. The options range from terrible to functional, but it’s never good, and I’ve always found that it’s easier to just search via Google.

Apparently Matt Riley and Quin Hoxie saw the same problem when they were working at Scribd. So they left to build a better website search engine, one that they’re calling Swiftype. The startup was part of Y Combinator’s latest class of companies, and it’s launching today.

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And the demo:

Priceonomics (YC W12) raises $1.5M from Andreessen Horowitz, Spark Capital, SV Angel, others

How much should you pay for a used iPhone, TV, or bicycle? Spark Capital, Andreessen Horowitz, SV Angel and more think you need to know, so they’ve invested $1.5 million into Priceonomics, a Y Combinator winter 2012 startup. The seed round that shall be announced later today (Update: here it is) will go towards hiring front-end developers and back-end engineers to make the site beautiful but simple and beef up its machine learning technology.

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WePay (YC S09) raises $10M growth round from Ignition Partners

Online payment platform WePay just announced that it has raised $10 million in a new financing round. This round was led by Ignition Partners. Two of the company’s existing investors, Highland Capital Partners and August Capital also participated in this round. WePay, which bills itself as the “anti-PayPal,” is a Y Combinator alumni and was founded in 2008. The company raised a total of $9.15 million in two previous rounds over the last two years. In today’s announcement, WePay notes that this is a growth round and is meant to allow it to scale its technology and workforce.

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42 Floors (YC W12) launches Showroom to help make your office truly awesome

42floors, the startup that launched in March out of Y Combinator’s Winter 2012 class, is still only providing itscommercial real estate search product in the San Francisco Bay Area. 42Floors says more regions are on the way, but in the meantime, the company has found another way to go national: The debut today of “Showroom,” a marketplace that provides all the stuff businesses need to move into a new office after they sign the lease on the space.

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Quiet giant Weebly (YC W07) reports over 75M monthly visitors and 11M websites created

Weebly has been doing great, as reported by AllThingsD today:

Web site creation and hosting service Weebly is a bit of a quiet online giant. Founded six years ago, the company has helped users create more than 11 million Web sites, with 75 million monthly visitors.

Though most everything the company provides is free, with no ads, it has been profitable since the beginning of 2009, based on charging a few dollars per month for premium features like larger uploads and selling domain names.

In fact, Weebly is so profitable that co-founder and CEO David Rusenko told me yesterday that it may well go public within the next few years. I think the expression on my face could be described as “Wha??”

“It all comes down to the growth rate,” he continued. “Within a few years, I expect we will have the profile to IPO.”

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Forbes reports Y Combinator is the #1 incubator: $7.78B in value created, $45.2M avg startup

As part of our Midas List coverage this year, FORBES created a list of the top U.S. incubators and accelerators. The rankings (see the chart below) are based on a number of factors, focusing on the value of the incubators’ companies. In other words, we took the exit prices or the last priced equity valuation of the companies that have gone through each program. We also took into account other measures, such as how much venture funding their companies have raised, what percentage of their companies have raised funding and what percentage of their companies have been acquired or gone out of business. 


The top incubator in our analysis is Y Combinator. When taking into account the 172 companies that have been acquired, shut down or raised funding, the total value is $7.78 billion, for an average of $45.2 million per company. It’s a remarkable figure, considering the Mountain View, Calif.-based firm has been in existence for seven years. 

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42Floors (YC W12) brings disruption to the commercial real estate: Inc covers it

Read about Jason's beginnings and how 42Floors is bringing disruption to commercial real estate in Inc Magazine:

Jason Freedman hunches his shoulders against New York City's December chill and walks faster, nudged both by the cold and by being late. He and David Woodworth, co-founders of an Internet company called 42Floors, both stand out a bit with their buoyant, vulnerable Californianess as they swim against the trudging, elbowing crowds.

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