Buys Heroku For $212 Million In Cash has just announced that it is acquiring Heroku, which provides a Ruby application platform-as-a-service, for approximately $212 million in cash.

That’s one hell of an exit for the startup, which was founded in 2007 and has raised only $13 million in funding.

Heroku was initially provided with seed funding through Y Combinator back in 2008.

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Congratulations James, Adam and Orion!

Congratulations to Rapportive, inDinero and Hipmunk for Being in ReadWriteWeb's Top 10 Startups of 2010

We chose some of these startups due to their great features and impressive momentum. We chose some for addressing important consumer and business pain-points in particularly innovative ways. Whether any of these companies are the next Facebook or Google hardly matters. These startups left their mark on 2010, many of them helping to foster some of the most important trends of the year.

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Y Combinator And Yodlee Team Up To Give Startups Access To Financial Data

Startup incubator Y Combinator has announced this morning that it is partnering with Yodlee, the provider of personal financial management an payments data to give the incubator’s startups access to Yodlee’s technology.

While Yodlee’s technology is used in a vast number of financial-focused startups, it is probably most well known for powering’s core technology of aggregating account information from banks and credit card companies. For example, if you log into your bank’s website and they offer you the ability to aggregate accounts from other banks and financial institutions, Yodlee powers this technology.

With the new partnership, companies in each Y Combinator funded class will be able to tap into Yodlee’s firehose of financial account and transaction data through the platform. Four Y-Combinator-funded startups, Indinero, WePay, FutureAdvisor, and ReadyForZero; are already using Yodlee’s technologies.

Y Combinator has struck similar technology deals with Twitter (for stream access), (for live video), and Facebook.

With the growing number of startups helping disrupt the personal finance and banking space, a partnership with Yodlee makes sense.