The Muse (YC W12) raises $1.2M, has 3M registered users and 700k uniques monthly

The Muse, a site that tries to help people figure out what they want to do with their lives, has raised seed funding.

The Muse — formerly known as The Daily Muse — is a hybrid career advice and job search service focused on roles in marketing, sales and engineering. “It’s not just a job hunt, it’s a career hunt,” is how co-founder and CEO Kathryn Minshew puts it.

The site now has three million registered users and 700,000 monthly active users. And it’s making money. A wide range of companies, many of them from the tech industry, pay as much as $60,000 per year to be included on the platform.

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InstallMonetizer (YC W12) is a highly selective ad network for desktop software

InstallMonetizer is an ad network for desktop software developers, a group that co-founder and CEO Vince Mundy says he once belonged to himself.

“We looked really really hard to find legitimate sources of income [from free downloads],” Mundy said. “We found that there were other developers facing the exact same problem, so we created InstallMonetizer.”

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CryptoSeal (YC S11) launches the easiest way to set up secure VPN for all your cloud servers

CryptoSeal, a Y Combinator company from the summer class of 2011, has launched its VPN as a service to help companies protect back-end administrative information from intrusions.

Virtual private networks are inherently complex to set up, often requiring someone from IT operations to configure on a networking appliance. The cost and complexity can be prohibitive.

But making direct connections to the network is risky and bad practice, CryptoSeal Co-Founder Ryan Lackey said in an interview today. CryptoSeal solves the problem with a service that puts on-premise VPN into the cloud.

Here’s how CryptoSeal works:

  1. Sign up online and set up users on
  2. Set up VPN software for your servers (install software on the server, or use Amazon VPC which lets people using AWS configure it in one-shot).
  3. Download the VPN client to your desktop or mobile for all employees — they support Mac, Windows, Linux/bsd, iOS, and Android.

Sign up for CryptoSeal now

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Kamcord (YC S12) raises $1.5M from A16z, Google Ventures, to bring video recording to every mobile game

It’s been about four months since YC alum Kamcord first opened its mobile game recording SDK to eager developers, and the team seems to have picked up quite a bit of steam since then. Today, Kamcord announced that it has raised a total of $1.5 million in seed funding from Andreessen Horowitz, Google Ventures, Tencent, Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer, and Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, just to name a few.

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Firebase (YC S11) releases its Security API, now making secure realtime apps easier to create

Building real-time apps is hard and scaling them is even harder. Firebase takes care of these complexities for you and lets you focus on building your app. Our new security model lets you build secure apps where clients talk directly to Firebase. This means that for many apps, you don’t need to write any server code, and it even makes running your own servers optional.

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Snapjoy (YC S11) acquired by Dropbox

Less than one week after Dropbox aqui-hired Audiogalaxy to beef up its cloud music ambitions, today comes news of another acquisition, this time focused on another form of media, photos: the cloud-storage giant is buying Snapjoy – like Dropbox, a Y Combinator-alum — which lets users aggregate, archive and view all of their digital photos from their cameras, phones and popular apps like Flickr, Instagram and Picasa, and then view them online or via an iOS app.

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Shopular (YC W12) goes national, lets you see all coupons and deals from 100 brands the second you hit the mall

No longer is it necessary to actively reach into our pockets to deliberately launch a shopping app in order to receive its value. Three weeks ago, Y-Combinator alumni Shopular launched a location-aware smart couponing and deals app that is making saving money an effortless experience. Shopular runs persistently in the background and automagically serves up the best coupons and offers for a user’s favorite stores when a user reaches a shopping mall. And it does so, shockingly, with negligible impact on battery life.

In the three weeks since launching into public beta for both iOS and Android, Shopular has been downloaded 250,000 times. The company’s early users, which are 80 percent female, have given the app a 5-star rating in the iTunes App Store and a 4.7-star rating in Google Play marketplace, with more than 1,000 combined reviews.

Today’s formal announcement of the Shopular platform coincides with its national rollout to more than 1,000 malls, outlet centers, and big-box superstores in all 50 states – previously it was limited to Westfield- and Simon-owned malls in select states. The app currently supports over 100 of the biggest brands and nationwide retailers in the US and continues to add more daily. The founders believe that even at its early stage, Shopular already offers the broadest coverage of any smart couponing app on iOS or Android.

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Canopy Labs (YC S12) raises $1.5M to bring high end customer analytics to every business

Today Toronto-based Canopy Labs announced that it has secured $1.5 million in a seed funding round led by BDC IT Ventures Fund, Peter Thiel’s Valar Ventures and startup accelerator Y Combinator. The Y Combinator-incubated startup aims to help businesses increase sales and revenue by identifying and targeting high-value customers. The customer modeling and analytics company has already attracted major clients including the Toronto Argonauts, WagJag, and the Canadian Opera Company, and plans to use the funding to hire, build out its product, and work towards an official release of its toolset for mid-sized businesses.

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Crowdtilt (YC W12) releases the Crowdtilt API to let any website crowdfund and tilt purchases

Taking the ax to the silo is Crowdtilt, a year-old crowdfunding company built by cofounders James Beshara, 26, and Khaled Hussein, 28. This morning, the San Francisco startup released the first full-service crowdfunding API, allowing developers to plug a customizable crowdfunding tool into any application. “Crowdfunding seems like a played-out term,” says Beshara, Crowdtilt’s CEO, “but we think it’s at the very beginning of being the next web phenomenon.”

Early partners include Vayable, a fellow Y Combinator startup that helps travelers book tours on vacation. The company will announce a quartet of better-known partners when the API is released in production in early January. (Today’s is a beta release.) Crowdtilt will take a 1% cut of payments collected through the software.


The unleashing of a fully-baked crowdfunding API into the wider web will likely have widespread and unexpected consequences. Beshara rattled off some examples of how the software can be used:

  • Nike could release 10,000 limited edition jerseys to be sold at 20% off if sales pass a certain threshold, say 7500 jerseys.
  • Airbnb could let six people chip in for the same booking at checkout.
  • Williams-Sonoma could help gift-givers split the cost of expensive items.
  • Entrepreneurs can test real demand, and collect startup capital, for hypothetical products through their own custom sites without giving up customer data and high fees to Kickstarter or Indiegogo.
  • Under upcoming JOBS Act provisions, companies could raise equity-based funds from the public in large chunks of up to $10,000.

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