Seeing Interactive (W10) Raises Seed Round From Baseline, Buchheit, Schachter, and Lerer Ventures

When it comes to local advertising, everybody wants to replace the Yellow Pages, which makes money hand-over-fist from local merchants across the country. Seeing Interactive, A Y Combinator startup which launched last March, just raised a seed round of about $1 million from some high-profile investors to help local newspapers take more of those local advertising dollars away from the phone directories. The investors include Baseline Ventures, Lerer Ventures, FriendFeed co-founder Paul Buchheit, Delicious founder Joshua Schachter, and Alex Moore (an early employee at Palantir).

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A New Way to Get Money for Group Events (WePay S09)

WePay co-founder Rich Aberman started the site after becoming frustrated with collecting money from groups.WePay WePay’s co-founder, Rich Aberman, started the site after becoming frustrated with the hassles of  collecting money from groups.

If you’ve ever organized an event like a bachelor party and tried to collect money from a group of friends, you know how difficult it can be to get some people to put up their share.

Enter a new service called WePay. The service, which became available to the public earlier this year, provides a place where groups can set up shared online banking accounts and simplify the process of collecting, and spending, group money.

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Need to process payments?

There's a YC-funded startup working on payment processing done right.  They're already processing payments for a lot of other YC startups, and now they're looking to expand their private beta to some more companies.

If you're a US company that wants to start processing payments soon or is willing to switch payment processors, send them an email at

The product is developer focused, which is a dramatic departure from the status quo in the payments business. It has been getting rave reviews from the companies that have been using it.