Reddit head leaves Conde Nast for Hipmunk

Christopher Slowe, a five-year veteran of Reddit who has been in charge of the Conde Nast-owned social news site since the departure of its founders Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian last year, announced on Monday that he's leaving his post. He'll be joining Hipmunk, the travel search site that Huffman launched a few months ago and which brought Ohanian on board in September.

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Great news Chris!

Y Combinator's Original Home For Sale

We just put our original building at 135 Garden St in Cambridge on the market. We hesitated for a long time because this is such a unique building. It's like a loft inside, and yet within walking distance of Harvard Square. I know how rare that combination is because I remember how long I looked for this building. If I'd been able to think of any excuse for keeping it, I would have. (I'm still open to suggestions.)

The building is in a residential neighborhood and has been used as a residence for most of its life, although it was originally a candy factory. The people who lived there before I bought it were into cooking, so it has a very high quality kitchen.

We improved the place a lot, most notably by having recording studio grade soundproof doors and windows installed. Garden Street has a fair amount of traffic, but we solved the noise problem pretty thoroughly: there are 1600 pounds of glass in the windows, and the doors drop down into slots as they swing closed.

We also had larger skylights installed. Plus there was already a greenhouse set into the roof. The result is a place that surprises everyone who walks into it. In the middle of Cambridge you walk into what seems a fairly nondescript building, and inside is a huge, quiet, light space.