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Funding Tech Start-ups

Funding Tech Start-ups

Published: Fri, 14 Aug 2009

Description: Y Combinator Founder Paul Graham on why he believes so strongly in investing in technology.

Paul was interviewed on Fox Business News today-- dressed extra formally in a black polo shirt.

Tim Ferriss and Kevin Rose on Y Combinator, Language Learning and More

Tim Ferriss and Kevin Rose's thoughts about YC (at 8:19). Kevin was one of our speakers this summer and was a big hit with the founders. He told us a lot of very interesting stuff about the history of Digg that even we'd never known. Tim has invested in 2 YC startups (Posterous and RescueTime) and has helped out a bunch of others. Thanks guys!

A Whiteboard Artifact

At some point during each YC cycle, each startup and I stand in front of a whiteboard and we try to figure out what the essence of the company is. Why should anyone care about this startup? What are they making better, and how?
We do this not just to figure out how to think of and explain the company, but also as a check. If we can't come up with much that's new, then maybe the startup should expand its scope.
Usually these notes get erased in a day or two, but the founders of Directed Edge photographed theirs. (The writing on the right is some robot calculation of Trevor's.)