DailyBooth.com (S09) builds community through photos


DailyBooth CEO Brian Pokorny, left, and co-founder Ryan Amos in San Francisco look at a video feed of co-founder Jon Wheatley, who's in London. (Robert Durell, For The Times / May 21, 2010)

Every day for six years, New York photography student Noah Kalina took a picture of himself with a digital camera.

He toiled on the art project in obscurity until 2006, when he strung together all 2,356 self-portraits into a five-minute, time-lapse video and posted it on YouTube.com.

The video surged in popularity, touching off a global phenomenon. More than 15 million people have viewed it, and the video inspired dozens of others to turn their cameras on themselves. Kalina's digital exhibitionism was even spoofed on an episode of "The Simpsons."

Where others just saw photos, British entrepreneur Jon Wheatley saw opportunity. "You could see these people actually grow and evolve. You could watch their style and fashion change over time. It was the most compelling thing to sit and watch," Wheatley said.

He and co-founder Ryan Amos launched DailyBooth.com in February 2009 as "your life in pictures" and asked users to upload a photograph of themselves every day. The social networking site now has nearly 6 million photos and the tally is growing quickly.

Tech-savvy Hollywood celebrities Ashton Kutcher and wife Demi Moore, along with some of the Internet's biggest names — Twitter's Jack Dorsey, Digg's Kevin Rose and Flickr's Caterina Fake — have embraced the online photo booth.

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Seeing Interactive (W10) Raises Seed Round From Baseline, Buchheit, Schachter, and Lerer Ventures

When it comes to local advertising, everybody wants to replace the Yellow Pages, which makes money hand-over-fist from local merchants across the country. Seeing Interactive, A Y Combinator startup which launched last March, just raised a seed round of about $1 million from some high-profile investors to help local newspapers take more of those local advertising dollars away from the phone directories. The investors include Baseline Ventures, Lerer Ventures, FriendFeed co-founder Paul Buchheit, Delicious founder Joshua Schachter, and Alex Moore (an early employee at Palantir).

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A New Way to Get Money for Group Events (WePay S09)

WePay co-founder Rich Aberman started the site after becoming frustrated with collecting money from groups.WePay WePay’s co-founder, Rich Aberman, started the site after becoming frustrated with the hassles of  collecting money from groups.

If you’ve ever organized an event like a bachelor party and tried to collect money from a group of friends, you know how difficult it can be to get some people to put up their share.

Enter a new service called WePay. The service, which became available to the public earlier this year, provides a place where groups can set up shared online banking accounts and simplify the process of collecting, and spending, group money.

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